Man Admits To Crashing Car Into Game Company's Offices 

At around 7:00AM local time this past Sunday morning, a 33-year-old man drove a car into the first floor of PC and mobile game company Nexon. [Image: YTN]

According to The Korea Herald, the car smashed through the company's entry. After drinking and with his blood alcohol level over the legal limit, Mr Lee then allegedly decided to drive into the company's offices. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

[Image via Focus]

The driver, a Chinese national surnamed Lee, is in South Korea on a three-month visitor's visa.

Mr Lee has confessed to authorities and stated he was upset at Nexon after becoming addicted to the company's games. Mr Lee is quoted as saying Nexon "ruined" his life.

The Korea Herald adds that the car belonged to Mr Lee's brother, and that the suspect does not have a legal Korean driver's licence.


    stated he was upset at Nexon after becoming addicted to the company’s games

    *Looks at car, then at Capcom*

    Sorry guys... I gotta do this...

    "Ruined his life" but can afford to travel and go drinking? Seems alright to me.

    At least in prison he will have ample opportunity to kick the habit. Although he'll just be exchanging one kind of butthurt for another...

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