Marvel Ultimate Alliance Coming To PS4, Xbox One And PC On Tuesday

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Coming To PS4, Xbox One And PC On Tuesday

We’ve heard rumblings that two of the best Marvel Comics console games were making a comeback, and now it’s confirmed. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are coming to current gen consoles and PC July 26.

Officially announced during the Marvel games panel at San Diego Comic-Con earlier today, Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC aim to stay as faithful to the 2006 and 2009 originals as possible. Fans can expect some graphics, UI and performance tweaks to get the games running as smoothly as possible, but otherwise they’re the same outstanding action role-playing games that make the series one of Marvel’s best gaming ventures to date.

The Ultimate Alliance series was created as a wider-scope follow-up to Raven Software’s X-Men Legends action RPG series. While the first game tells an original story, the second is loosely based around Marvel’s Civil War and Secret War storylines. Players create a team of four Marvel heroes from a vast roster and travel from chapter to chapter, beating up bad guys and gaining experience as they go. As a single-player game they’re excellent. Together with friends via online or local co-op, they’re extraordinary.

Asked by if the re-release signals more coming from the franchise in the future, re-release producer Mike Jones said, “Following the footsteps of a proud Marvel tradition, I’ll say: Anything is possible, True Believers!”

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Coming To PS4, Xbox One And PC On Tuesday

Both games will be made available via digital download on Tuesday, with either running $US39.99 ($54) or together in a $US59.99 ($80) bundle. If you’re wondering why a pair of older games cost that much, you probably didn’t play them.


  • As long as they contain all the Characters from the gold versions of the game im in, easily a couple of the BEST games of the PS2/PS3 ERA.

  • I played them. A lot.

    So. Why do they cost that much then? Definitely a ripoff at that price considering how old they are.

    • Many thanks for the memories good sir, that intro is just perfect. I want this bundle bad, but having just replayed MUA2 with my daughters not 6 months ago, I’ll be waiting until it gets a more reasonable price tag 🙁

        • I would gladly buy on release date for half the asking price (AU$40). Being more expensive than current titles like Doom, Overwatch is ridiculous. As it is, I’ll probably wait for it to drop even further.

  • Normally I’d say $80 for two full sized games isn’t terrible, but as much as I liked Ultimate Alliance it always felt sort of cheaply made. Like a great F2P game. I think I’ll wait until this either hits 75% off or I have someone around for the weekend to play it with from start to finish.

  • I preferred X-Men Legends myself, but I still enjoyed this series. The price is far too much for yet another next gen port for Xbone and PS4. I’d say get Diablo 3 instead if you don’t have it yet, a fraction of the price now and is definitely a generation better.

  • I really hope they were smart and these will be available on Steam/GOG/Origin =)

    I’ve only played them for a few hours from a friends 360 a few years back but i would totally buy then for PC…. once they are sold at a reasonable price of course.

  • Hmm not liking the reviews so far, minor tweaks and graphics enhancements with a hefty price tag has really detracted me from buying this golden gem, drop the price to $25au each or $40au bundle with all DLC and i will be happy to fork out the $$$.
    However i wish they would port over Marvel Heroes 2016 from PC to Next Gen consoles as i would def pay $80 for sure, nothing but an awesome free to play game with fantastic controller support.

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