Men Who Brought Guns To Pokemon World Championships Sent To Prison For Two Years

Two Iowan men who were arrested in August of 2015 for apparent gun threats at the Pokemon World Championships were sentenced to two years in prison today in a Boston court. James Stumbo and Kevin Norton each pleaded guilty to charges that they'd brought a shotgun, a rifle and ammunition to the competitive Pokemon card battling event last year. A Boston judge sentenced the two men to two years of prison and a subsequent two years of probation.

A reporter from The Boston Globe, who was at the hearing, reports that prosecutors said Stumbo and Norton had sent threatening messages to other players. Last year we had also discovered a Facebook post from Stumbo with a photograph (above) of the two guns resting on the trunk of his car and the caption, "Kevin Norton and I are ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!"

Let that be a lesson to maybe not bring loaded guns to a gaming event filled with children.


    Nice timing too... hardcore Pokemon fans like them going to jail just after Pokemon Go is released and before sun and moon. NO POKEMON FOR YOU!!!

    Damn, Team Rocket has certainly kicked it up a bit. Glad Officer Jenny was there to stop them

    I guess you don't bring guns to a Pokemon fight

    yeah easy access to firearms is totally not a silly thing...

    I find these super short sentences more frightening than anything. it's basically sending people with already bad attitude to a fully paid, most intensive bootcamp training for criminals that also throws in wonderful networking opportunities in the underworld. In go two bumbling sociopaths with guns and silly bravado, out come two heavily muscled and antisocial thugs with lots of criminal connections and know-how.

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