Modders, What Hell Hath You Wrought On This Very Serious Strategy Game

Hearts of Iron IV is a very serious video game. Or, it was, until modders got their hands on it. The game, like most of Paradox's titles, is very mod-friendly. And, like most of Paradox's titles, there's a strong historical slant to it, which means you would expect users to create boring, accurate things like improved divisional icons and accurate descriptions for German jets.

Which they are! But... alongside those are some other mods. Which turn a thoroughly complex and historically accurate military simulation into... well...

Mod by [G-MAN2][bodenebas]Billy Maize

And this:

Mod by ♥☣ Amagiri Yune ☣♥~

And this, which turns America's Fascist government into a Fallout faction:

Mod by Kewsor

And this, which adds Arstotzka — the make-believe country from Papers Please — to the game:

Mod by Ice Badger

And this, which makes the British National Focus tree something a little more 2016:

Mod by StanOnWheels

And finally, what 2016 video game would be complete without a Donald Trump mod:

Mod by Wettest Taco

I reviewed Hearts of Iron IV a little while ago and found it to be a very very good video game. And that was without Seinfeld factions.


    For now I'll stick with Eiyuu Senki; Hearts of Iron is a bit hardcore for my tastes.

    Eiyuu Senki being a thoroughly moe game about world conquest using cute girl versions of famous people from throughout history (and a disturbing subtext about how the world would be better off under Japanese conquest.)

    So, basically modern Japanese aesthetics with Taisho era politics. But where else can you send a team of Captain Cook and Magellan to conquer Australia?

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