Morning, Here’s Another No Man’s Sky Trailer

Morning, Here’s Another No Man’s Sky Trailer

This game comes out in like… less than three weeks.

And that almost feels weird. We’ve been speculating about this game for so long I’d almost forgot it’s a real thing that you can actually play.

Anyway, this video. It’s a look at ‘survival’. That’s what it says on the tin, but what it’s really about — for me — is more footage of the game itself and it actually gives us a decent idea of how the game will play on a minute-to-minute basis.

This game is going to ruin lives.

In a good way.


  • *SIGH* That royally fucks my Uni this semester.

    Must exhibit self control…
    Must exhibit self control…
    Must exhibit self control…
    Must play No Mans Sky…
    Must exhibit self control…
    Must exhibit self control…
    Must exhibit self control…


    • That royally fucks my Uni this semester.

      You mean your studies are you implying your lecturers are going to ditch their own classes to play this game? ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Why not. They ditch it for other shit regularly ๐Ÿ˜› lol. I wonder where my literacies lecturer was on Origin 3 day…. hrrrrrmmmmmm…. not on a flight down to watch it instead of teaching oddly enough?

        • Hehehehe, you seem to have different academics from what I used to work with.

          I basically had a co-worker that if he ever stopped doing research or teaching, we’d have to get a shovel and bury the guy.

          • Hahaha the ability to relegate lectures ‘online’ if needed has a lot to answer to these days. Don’t feel like lecturing today? Do it from home and tell everyone the day before!

            It’s annoying at times that’s for sure.

          • Urgh, don’t get me started with online lectures.

            I don’t have a problem with lecturers using them but it frustrates me to no end how no matter how good the content some off-campus students will use them as fodder to imply the teaching materials were not as good as the on-campus materials and they are at an unfair disadvantage, etc., etc.

            Seriously, there was someone in my class (when I was a student) who switched to being on-campus citing that rhetoric and just wouldn’t shut up about it. Me and others would just steer clear of said student as we just wanted to gag the muppet with our over priced textbooks.

    • It’s pretty hard to open a calendar and confirm it.

      I’m really happy that it’s a public holiday on release day.

          • Nice! Just looked it up. It’s only for Brisbane. Well there you go! Brisbane has it’s own public holiday.

            Learn something new every day (and then forget it the day after).

          • Damn, I have to work on said public holiday :/

            Didn’t even notice the dates…. that’s very disappointing

    • Well nothings stopping you from looking for your friend and then travelling to them. It’s been confirmed that your friends DO appear on the galactic map.

    • It has multiplayer, it’s just multiplayer for misanthropes. You’ll be there on your planet, and I’ll be there on mine, 47 million kilometres away

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