New Adventure Game Starts You Off At The Final Boss Of An RPG

Video: The scene: Your RPG hero is standing before the evil Overlord, the final boss of the game. As they start to battle, your hero suddenly forgets everything — why he's fighting, who his friends are and what he's doing there in the first place. That's the premise of The Longest 5 Minutes, a Japanese game published by NIS America that will be out next year for PC and Vita. It's an adventure game that takes you into your hero's mind, where you can relive his journey and try to piece together his memories in the middle of this final boss battle. There's a teaser trailer above. Looks fantastic - I'm all in.


    I misread the title as 'New Adventure Game Starts You Off As The Final Boss Of An RPG'
    As in, you play as the final boss. Now THAT is a game I would play the shit out of.

    Also, does this mean that this is basically the game version of Memento?

      I did exactly the same thing! I'd love to play that game. Just being the final boss, sitting around waiting for the hero to arrive.

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