Now The Xbox One Is Having A Massive Sale On Digital Games

Now The Xbox One Is Having A Massive Sale On Digital Games

Everyone else is doing it, so why not Xbox?

We have an ongoing Steam sale, we had a PlayStation Store sale last week.

Now we have a sale on all things Xbox. It’s very good.

It’s a big one, almost way too many games to mention, but I will pick out a few that caught my eye…

(Please note there are two discounts — one for Xbox LIVE susbscribers and one for those who don’t subscribe.)

Ori And The Blind Forest 25%/33% off
Yep, more people should play this game. It’s an Xbox One and PC exclusive as well, so this is a good time to hop onboard.

Oxenfree 25%/33% off
This is legit one of my favourite games of 2016.

Dark Souls III 15%/25% off
Not a massive discount, but Dark Souls III is such a good game. Might end up being the best of 2016.

Rise of the Tomb Raider 30%/40% off
Another Xbox exclusive. Another great game. This one was criminally underplayed (releasing in the same week as Fallout 4 will do that to you.)

The deal runs from July 5 until July 11.

Have at it.


  • Ooh, might jump on RotT. I’ve been holding off buying too much digital because it’s slightly more annoying to share one digital title across two Xboxes, but I don’t think my wife much cared for the new Tomb Raider anyway.

    And Dragonball Xenoverse is 50% off as well. Been keen to check that one out for awhile.

    • Really? Since I have to install everything anyway I’ve found it’s much easier to share one game on two consoles digitally. I just leave my purchasing account on my main XBOX with it’s home console set to the second.

      • Yeah, the problem with that is if I download the GWG titles on my account then my wife can’t independently claim them on her own account and they automatically download to the main console, which really pisses her off. I could make “my” console the home console for her account instead and download everything on her account, but we’re not doing that either, for reasons.

        • Fair enough. My second console just shares the Gold subscription on the first so there’s nothing to claim. I don’t even buy anything on it so I’ve never really had to worry about that stuff.

          One work around might be to just claim them via the Smartglass app or the XBOX website. I normally claim my Games with Gold games using the Smartglass app on my work computer so they’ll be done downloading when I get home.

        • easy fix, claim the games on the webiste instead.
          turn off auto downloads.
          problem solved.

  • This might be worth nothing – from Larry’s blog

    NOTE: I am announcing the Ultimate Game Sale deals early but the sale officially starts on 05 July. Sale prices won’t be reflected until this time.

    Might want to update the article to say that these prices don’t go live for a day or two.

  • I shall go check my XB1, but I think those deals are US only.

    Edit: Oh wait it starts on the 5th. Today is the 4th. @serrels you may want to clarify that and bump this article back up when the sale starts.

    Discounts are valid from 05 July through 11 July 2016. @mypetmonkey @edc Gentlemen we do get the deals just haven’t started yet.

  • Do I need to be a gold member for these or is it an across the board discount?

    • You don’t need to be Gold, but Gold gets a bigger discount.

      Take Ori, it’s 25% off and 33% off for gold. But it’s usually an extra 10%

  • @dknight1000 Ah great thanks. Might have to use that complimentary 1 month gold after all!

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