'Now You're Playing With Power': NES Classic Brings Back Nintendo's Best Slogan

Nintendo is going full nostalgia with their new NES Classic, aka the mini-NES, which fits into your palm and will play 30 pre-installed Nintendo games. (The whole thing costs $US60 ($80).)

Now they just need to bring back the Power Glove. It's so bad.


    I've pre ordered two. I'm honestly more excited about this than any modern gaming.

      Totally with you! I hope the sales and intrest convinces them to rerelease an updated nes and a few compilation game paks..

    Playing with Power *
    * Power (adaptor) not included in Australia version.

      I'm pretty sure one of the dozen USB chargers will work. Not provided in the EU either, but the EU are pushing for power adapters and headphones to not be included with devices due to excessive waste.

        I'm all for this. It's pretty standard for a device to be charged with a micro USB cable these days, and a lot of thing's that I have purchased come with their own wall adaptor but I literally never use them.

        I've got a couple of samsung ones and an apple one lying around the house - I either just use those or plug into my PC if I ever need to charge anything via usb. Phone wall adaptors are usually better quality and higher amperage than the ones you get with other things anyway.

        End of the day, if the powder adaptor is included - you're paying for it. The cost of including it would have been factored in the price somewhere.
        Just give us the USB cable (can never have enough of those..) and get rid of the wall adaptors.

      I've got a powerboard with USB ports, sorted.

    I'm very sceptical about how the games will actually go, I'm totally fine with the selection and the actual box remaining off-line but the real acid test will be the 1:1 look and feel of the titles (hopefully).

    Will get the controller at the very least for my existing virtual console games. and Mario Maker.

      Honestly, my NES looks pretty great on my 65" 4k TV when scaled to 4:3. Those old simple graphics scale very well. I can't imagine a HDMI NES looking worse.

        Oh totally, I tried this recently on a standard HD 26". It was PAL so it most probably wasn't 60hz, that's the other thing. My muscle memory might 'need' the PAL display to work :D

    The NES controller is so nasty to use these days. Those square corners, eww.

    I love the modelling of the scaled down console, but I can't justify the purchase when I already own all of the good games.

      Indeed. Whenever I dust off my NES and fire up some games, I always use the dogbone controllers. I'm kinda hoping there will be some 3rd party dogbone controllers released for this. Apparently the Wii Classic Controller will work given it's the same connector.

    To be this good takes AGES,
    To be this good takes SEGA!

    Sega 4 life!

    *Raises hand*

    Question! Is it PAL or NTSC?

      That is a good question. I've been wondering whether they do the classic Nintendo "genuine experience" thing with the framerate chug and sprite flicker and everything, but didn't even think about PAL slowdown. Personally if we aren't getting the 50Hz version, I hope there's a switch for it. Super Mario Bros just doesn't sound right at full speed :P

        We'll be sitting there with our 60Hz Mario, the rage building up, finally kicking the machine over in anger. Everyone will be all WTF? And we'll turn to them in tears like, "IT'S NOT THE SAME!!!"

    Gonna be fully sick. Between this and Pokemon Sun/Moon Nintendo will own Christmas 2016 then the NX lands March 2017, kick ass!

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