Official Evil Dead Board Game Takes Boomstick To Its Kickstarter Funding Goal

Official Evil Dead Board Game Takes Boomstick To Its Kickstarter Funding Goal
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Board games are getting Kickstarted left, right and centre, which means we’re only going to get more of them. Enter Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game, almost certainly sparked by the recent success of the franchise’s TV refresh.

Evil Dead 2 is exactly the sort of experience you’d expect for the franchise — a co-operative “survival horror” shindig for up to six players, where you have to run around collecting Necronomicon fragments and not dying.

Sessions should last around 60-90 minutes, so it won’t devour an entire evening, such is the case with say, Arkham Horror.

Fans are eager for it to be a thing — it’s tracking at $US172,000, a healthy $US100,000 above its $US70,000 goal. It still has 32 days to go, so I expect the final number will be much higher.

So far so good, right? Kind of.

I’m a little concerned — while Space Goat has experience in comics and by its own admission “creative services”, it’s never released a board game. Now, I’m sure it won’t be terrible, but I plan to wait for reviews before informing my wallet.

True, I’ll miss out on the Kickstarter-exclusive goodies, but that’s just how it works.

Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game [Kickstarter, via Blastr]


  • Want to be a little excited, but there are quite a few weird things about this Kickstarter that don’t click:
    – SGP apparently doesn’t have a background in board game development, and they don’t seem to be co-developing with any other group or individual.
    – The game is variously described by news outlets as either a card game or a tile and miniatures game. Possible to be both, odd to describe them separately.
    – Is there a licensing issue with the term Necronomicon? The book is referred to exclusively as the Ex-Mortis.
    – The gameplay section is flavour text. Looks like this game is more a collectors item for fans.

    All that said, I’m sure it will get funded and that people will be happy. So, that’s nice.

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