One Piece Isn't Becoming A Monthly Manga, Says Publisher

One Piece is slated to miss the next issue of Weekly Jump magazine. It's only a one-week break, and One Piece will be back on July 18. This has caused all sorts of speculation. [Image via Eiichiro Oda]

Namely a rumour that One Piece will go from a weekly publication to a monthly one. A spokesperson for One Piece's publisher Shueisha has denied this rumour to Cinema Today, saying, "It is not true that it [One Piece] will be serialized monthly."

One Piece debuted back in 1997, and its creator Eiichiro Oda has been churning out new chapters on a weekly basis. For the time being, it sounds like he'll continue to do that.


    this bloke has one week breaks all the time.
    the manga has been fortnightly on and off for most of this year from memory.

      Yeah, it started around the time he got sick and had to take break, it's like he never really bounced back.

      He has a reputation, like many Mangaka, of working himself in to the ground.

    not as bad as One Punch Man though. they are releasing two versions of the manga, one with ONE doing the drawing and then another release with a professional artist. and then just when you think they are about to release a new chapter, the release some from 30 chapters prior. its so fucked. i cant keep up with it anymore.

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