One Piece Isn’t Becoming A Monthly Manga, Says Publisher

One Piece Isn’t Becoming A Monthly Manga, Says Publisher

One Piece is slated to miss the next issue of Weekly Jump magazine. It’s only a one-week break, and One Piece will be back on July 18. This has caused all sorts of speculation.

[Image via Eiichiro Oda]

Namely a rumour that One Piece will go from a weekly publication to a monthly one. A spokesperson for One Piece‘s publisher Shueisha has denied this rumour to Cinema Today, saying, “It is not true that it [One Piece] will be serialized monthly.”

One Piece debuted back in 1997, and its creator Eiichiro Oda has been churning out new chapters on a weekly basis. For the time being, it sounds like he’ll continue to do that.


  • this bloke has one week breaks all the time.
    the manga has been fortnightly on and off for most of this year from memory.

    • Yeah, it started around the time he got sick and had to take break, it’s like he never really bounced back.

      He has a reputation, like many Mangaka, of working himself in to the ground.

  • not as bad as One Punch Man though. they are releasing two versions of the manga, one with ONE doing the drawing and then another release with a professional artist. and then just when you think they are about to release a new chapter, the release some from 30 chapters prior. its so fucked. i cant keep up with it anymore.

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