Overwatch Cosplay Rains From Above

This is Kiilys Cosplay as Overwatch's Pharah. I just... don't know where to begin. It's incredible just to look at, and that's before you see the wings move. Cosplay by Kiilys

As you can here in the video, these aren't just moving on a string or something, they're proper mechanical wings.

You can see pics of the suit being built at Kiilys' Facebook page.


    Where's my bow and arrow... I have to stop Justice!

    Our Overwatch cosplay technology is advancing too quickly soon we'll actually have a charging Reinhardt and transforming Bastion!

    Hope to see some amazing Overwatch cosplays at PAX AUS

    Embedded video doesn't work? I can't actually tell if it's a video. I'm assuming so because of the text underneath.

      Works fine for me, it's just her making her wings go up and down like in the gif.

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