Overwatch Honours Fan Who Passed Away One Day Before The Game Came Out

Hongyu Wu was a 20-year-old university student who passed away the day before Overwatch, a game he was eagerly anticipating, came out. He was reportedly trying to catch a thief who stole his friend's motorbike. As part of a recent Overwatch patch, Blizzard paid him tribute. On the Control Center portion of Lijang Tower, you'll notice that the astronaut space suit display case has changed. As noted by Rebirdhk, the name "宏宇" (Hongyu) has been added to the red side. Behind it, you'll find the phrase "英雄不朽" AKA Mercy's catchphrase, "Heroes never die."

Wu was a student at Guangzhou University, and he reportedly witnessed a thief snatch a classmate's motorcycle. He chased after them on his own motorbike. The two eventually collided, and Wu's injuries were so severe that he ultimately passed away. The thief was, however, apprehended as a result of Wu's bravery.

Blizzard's official Chinese partner NetEase posted about the memorial, including a screenshot of a group chat Wu had with his friends shortly before he passed away. In it, he talked about how excited he was for Overwatch's launch the next day.

The final messages in the screenshot come from after Wu's death, and according to czhihong's translation, are well wishes from his friends. "See u again," says one. Another makes a reference to Captain America, something else Wu was a big fan of. "Thank you for spending the last year with us. I hope you find eternal happiness on the other side!" says another.


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