Overwatch Player Takes Mei's Trolling To New Heights

As a Mei player, I think most of the hate directed at the cute climatologist is just salt. But this? This definitely makes Mei seem like a giant arsehole, and it's amazing. 에마군_김재원 doesn't just kill enemies: He uses Mei's ice wall to launch the bodies into the air, like so:

And just to rub some salt in the wound:


Suddenly stuff like this...

...doesn't seem that bad, does it? Then again, it's hard to get past just how much Mei seems to enjoy being a jerk:

Oh, Mei. ❤


    Mei is Bea. Every single Junkrat and Torb Turret in the whole world however... I would not mourn their loss.

    Scumbag Mei, trying to play comp matches only to be matched with 2 Mei trolls who ice wall their entire team into the spawn constantly on Kings road defence side, and then when we finally get out Decide to icewall in front of the Bastion guarding our point and our Winston every time he attempts to leap.

      Probably trophy hunters trying to stack a full game with their ilk. If you notice a number of spectators on the game, this is probably what is happening.

        Yeah the main issue is COMP game tho, need a kick option for this sort of troll.

          If it was competitive I'd report the players concerned. That shit should not be tolerated.

    Whenever I encounter a Mei I either run for my life or see that she's too close and just accept my fate.

      Jump and swerve while running. It sometimes helps. It helps if you are playing a character with an escape button, e.g. Tracer, D.Va, Genji, Winston, Widowmaker, Zarya (although hers is short-lived). Even Lucio can switch to speed and zoom away if he's lucky. It's when you stumble upon a Mei unexpectedly in an enclosed space that you mei as well say gg if you don't have a team mate handy.

        I find getting up close with Lucio and using his secondary fire to push her away and then speeding off is pretty successful.

          Yeah, I just hate it when I try that and find that his secondary fire is still on cool-down... d'oh!

    Personally, I think Hanzo is more annoying than even Mei.

    Solely due to the very lenient tracking and hitbox for his arrows... The guy may as well be firing tree trunks down hallways.

    They always make the cute characters annoying as heck.

    Played a match with only one entrance and double Mei's on the enemy team managed to keep ice walls up for nearly a full minute. Luckily we had a Junkrat who must have managed to push one of them back and we got through

    The worst are mei's who are just bad and put their ice wall up in the worst place without thinking and actually helping the other team.... ie blocking your team from damaging the enemy team at a choke point by placing the wall between us and them (but not close enough to them to block them coming through) allowing the team to get past the choke and spread out.... That's happened a few times and lost us the point/match, so annoying.

    Actually, the more I think about it Mei is just super annoying and the only people who defend her are Mei players imho.

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