PlanetSide Just Died In Hail Of Meteors. Here Are Its Final Moments

Online-only games introduced players to an unfamiliar concept — that your favourite title could essentially "die" at the whim of its creators. Save for reverse-engineering or a gracious code donation from the developers, once the server lights go out, that game can never be played again. Daybreak's MMO FPS PlanetSide met this fate mere hours ago.

After announcing last month that it would be shutting down the last PlanetSide server in perpetuity come July, the studio did just that today.

A number of players were logged in for the event, which Daybreak celebrated — so to speak — with a meteor storm that lasted until the final second. For those thirsting for nostalgia, check out the video above. I'd suggest muting the audio if you just want to see the fireworks.

Certainly not the most exciting exit for an MMO that wasn't too far from the 15-year mark, but I suppose its better than nothing. Vale PlanetSide — I'll miss the days when packing two Rocklet rifles and wasting MAXs was a valid, if foolhardy, strategy.

The Final Moments of Planetside 1 [YouTube, via Reddit]


    Better than this one.

      Though most will have a tough time beating this one:

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      The original WoW beta ended with a massive legion invasion, countless amounts of Core Hounds and Infernals in the cities, Onyxia and Ragnaros spawned outside the cities to catch those attempting to flee, and people randomly turning in to chickens.

    A lot of people (including me) would cry.

    A lot of Vanilla peeps would implode due to the lack of 'current WoW' to hate on.

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