Please Do Not Catch Pokémon At Beyonce & Rihanna Concerts

Please Do Not Catch Pokémon At Beyonce & Rihanna Concerts

Hey, you, the person paying a lotta money to go see Rihanna and Beyonce in person. Maybe put the phone away for a minute. Those Pokémon aren't worth it.

Vulture reports on two horrible/fantastic clips over the weekend from two concerts, one by Rihanna, one by Beyonce. First, Rihanna, who has some sound advice for her fans:

Next up, this footage taken at a Beyonce show, where one guy has his life changed forever while a girl in front of him...well, I guess she had better things to do.

She's lucky Solange never saw her. Side note I'm never showering again.

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Remember: as with everything else in life, there's a time and a place for video games.


    Why not? They're not hurting anyone, they paid money for their tickets, they're not getting in anyones way. I don't see the problem.

    If I had a choice between sitting behind the girl with her head down playing Pokemon, and the guy with his phone held up in the air recording the concert, I know which one I'd choose ...

      If you're after a nice experience, go with the girl? She is focused and not screaming right next to you :P

        My problem with the guy is more that he'd be blocking the view of the people behind him, while the girl's only sin is that she is not enjoying the concert the way someone else wants her to.

          thats my logic behind it aswell :3 Would have annoyed me to be behind the guy listening to him comment about the girl playing Pokemon Go rather than... say, enjoying the concert XD

    Now I am picturing a Mr Mime or a Jynx on stage as performers.

    Yeah I'd rather play Pokemon Go than listen to their music. Nothing against them as artists, but their music isn't what I enjoy listening to. Prefer late 60s through current rock/metal.

    People on their phones during a concert?
    Unheard of!!!

    Il be the jerk, i dont like either of their music and just because its not my taste. she was probably there with her boyfriend/ friends and didnt like the music so she just did something she enjoyed more.
    The guy who is offended is just being an elitist and offended on behalf of someone else; a common thing starting to rear its head up nowadays. gross

    They can do whatever they damn well please fam.

    I doubt being that close to or touching Beyonce is worthy of saying one's life has been changed forever.

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