Pokemon GO Delayed For The Rest Of The World

Australians are really into Pokemon GO. And even though the app is buggy as all hell, it still pisses off a lot of gamers overseas — because they can't get their Pokemon GO on yet, and as it turns out, they won't be able to for a while.

The chief executive of Niantic, John Hanke, has confirmed that the international rollout of the augmented reality pocket monster collector has been paused so the company can deal with all of the technical issues. If you've spent about ten minutes playing Pokemon GO in Australia, you'll know what he's talking about: gyms that don't work properly, eggs that seemingly hatch into a void never to return, and Pokestops that tell you to flat out bugger off.

"We thought the game would be popular, but it obviously struck a nerve," Hanke told Business Insider.

The game is currently live in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, with other regions to be made available once the international rollout resumes. In the meantime, however, players in those countries will continue to enjoy teasing others with shots like this:

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    Hell, forget teasing other countries...it's bugging the hell out of me sitting here with my iPhone 4. New phone on order but it hasn't even been dispatched yet!

    Struck a chord.

    Although the server issues may have struck a nerve, sure.

    I'd rather it have been delayed here too than be "forced" (re peer pressured into) playing this horrendously buggy mess

    Never saw the appeal of AR games...

    Now posing Hatsune Miku and taking AR photos of her... that's awesome!

      First thing I did was disable the AR stuff. Don't need the real world getting in the way.

    The failure is in their market research to not predict the numbers... they seemed to have no clue of the popularity of it but it has been the most talked about mobile game in the last year in anticipation.

    Google analytics couldnt predict its popularity and tell its sibling company Niantic to get more servers from another google sibling company is the joke.

    They are outpacing twitter in most regions and they havent even gone worldwide yet

      You assume because there was a shaky start to the roll out....

      The reality is this shaky start would have been in the numbers and its about getting it working with the minimum amount of practical servers, not throwing hundreds of extra servers at a problem and making it worse.

      A roll out is about gathering data also, so we are the test dummies for future infrastructure.

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      I don't think it's reasonable to fault them for not anticipating they'd be more popular than Twitter within a week of launch. There's only about two, maybe three, games that have ever launched this big. The linked article points out Pokemon Go became bigger than Candy Crush and Clash of Clans overnight. Market research cannot tell you this will happen, because market research cannot tell you when you are about to bend the market around you.

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    Terrible, buggy game. I really don't understand why everyone is so jacked for it.

    I've had very few issues with it. It locks up if you lose internet connectivity, and occasionally I will lose audio, but a reset of the app fixes it every time.

    This is on a Galaxy S6.

    CP 1197 Arcanine
    CP 1088 Slowbro

    What up

      I'll never understand how people catch these massively leveled Pokemon yet all I get are 50ish. :/

        The higher your character level, the stronger Pokemon you'll come across. I'm currently level 15.

          You must have legs of steel.

            It's actually crazy how little exercise you need to level up and find rare Pokemon.

            For example, there is a church near me that is surrounded by heritage buildings. So from the car park, you can reach 6 Pokestops at once and everyone in the suburb has been using the spot as a gathering spot for power leveling.

            I swung past last night on the way home to see if people were there and it was packed.
            Even now I can see lures are active there......I have a feeling the cops across the road are using it too.

            Last edited 11/07/16 12:30 pm

              My daughters fave play park overlaps with 2 Pokestops and a gym. I need more lures...

      Disregard, it posted twice.

      Last edited 11/07/16 12:19 pm

    I uninstalled it after it forgot my login details for the third time. I want to play the game, not play the "enter the password" game.

      How much xp do you get for entering your password correctly?

    They can play ingress instead.

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