Two Australian Drivers Busted For Playing Pokemon GO

You know how you're not supposed to use your mobile phone while driving? That still applies to Pokemon GO too, but two drivers were a little too hooked to remember that.

NSW Police tweeted this afternoon that two drivers were caught within an hour playing Pokemon GO on the road. Their efforts resulted in the pair copping a fine of $325 and 4 demerit points on their license each.

The response on social media varied from light-hearted to a little excessive:


    Taking bets on how long until someone dies from this game. I've got 2 weeks.

      Was walking around Forest Lake last night, two kids were walking across the road, following their phones instead of watching where they were going and literally walked into traffic. Fucking morons. Luckily the roads weren't that full and the oncoming traffic had time to slam on its brakes but you definitely heard the screech of rubber on tar as the car hit it hard.

      I really think you're optimistic at 2 weeks at this rate, god knows I expect the next few days...

      I love that this game encourages natural selection. People not looking where they are going get exactly what they deserve.

      well some kid in the US already got stabbed during a mugging... They were waiting at a rather deserted pokestop and stole his phone.

    I guess this is what Tesla's auto-pilot software is for.

    Why hasn't Uber teamed up with Niantic yet to do Pokemon Go Taxi service?

    Selling Porygon locations. $20 ONO.

      Someone is way ahead of you:

    This is unsubstantiated - how do we know they were playing Pokemon Go? Was it part of the Police report, was it confessed to by the drivers? None of these things seems likely. Why is Kotaku echoing this story from a single source with a vested interest?

      You're suggesting that the police stiched up a couple of innocent bystanders for some free publicity? Seems legit.

      But seriously, it's a ticket. There is no police report. The drivers have a chance to provide an explanation for why they were observed with their hands on their mobile phone. It doesn't seem hard to believe that Pokemon was their explanation - most people are just honest at that point, they don't get on the phone to their lawyers.

      If the NSW Police media unit are going to go to the effort of organising a conspiracy I'm pretty sure that it's not going to start with Pokemon.

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        I'm suggesting that we don't know anything more that there was some sort of accident, for the photo does not show anything about Pokemon GO. Nor do the police provide anything beyond a line of text. If they said the crash was caused by Game of War, would you accept that?

          Yeah, sure. What reason would I have to doubt it? It's just a tweet dude, they're not providing you with a brief of evidence so that you personally can take the case to trial.

            The question is, dude, what reason do you have to believe it? After all, you said yourself that it's just a tweet. And it's remained unsubstantiated and there's been no reports since. The burden of proof is on them, if you wish to relieve them of that, then I"m not stopping you.

      They broke the law. Their only interest is enforcing the law. Im guessing you are the type that chucks a sooky la la when you get a speeding ticket?

        I didn't say they didn't break the law. Nor does my speeding history have anything to do with the cause of these accidents.

    FYI.. I don't recommend though.

    In QLD, the mobile phone laws only apply if you have a phone in your hand. So if you put phone in a dock or in cup holder, and play Pokemon, you're not breaking the mobile phone laws. Popo may try to get you on 'driving distracted' charge, which is easy to repeal.

    Just FYI, in general, on phone use in QLD.

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      same in SA
      300—Use of mobile phones

      (1) The driver of a vehicle (except an emergency vehicle or police vehicle) must not use a mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless the driver is exempt from this rule under another law of this jurisdiction.

      Offence provision.

      (2) Subrule (1) does not apply to a driver using a mobile phone if the phone is being used to make or receive a phone call and, while being so used:

      (a) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle; or

      (b) is remotely operated by means of a device (whether connected to the phone by means of a wire or otherwise):

      (i) affixed to the vehicle; or

      (ii) worn by the driver in the manner intended by the manufacturer, and the phone is not being held by the driver.

      more here:

      looks like ill be getting me a cradle...

        Careful, the wording of your law only allows cradle use if it's being used for a call (only call is specified). Pokemon GO in cradle IMO is still against the law for you.

        In QLD, the law is worded something like "cannot use phone held in hand".

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