Pokemon GO Player Tries To Play While Driving, Crashes Into School

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In a case of everyone unilaterally saying "I told you so", a 19-year-old Victorian driver has crashed their car while — you guessed it — playing Pokemon GO.

The Age reported this morning that the driver was "trying to catch a Pokemon" when he lost control of his car just before 7:00PM last night. He overshot a roundabout and hit a fence at the St Francis Xavier College in Victoria, before crashing through and eventually coming to a stop in an empty portable classroom.

No-one was injured, and a police representative put a light spin on the incident by saying the driver "did not level up nor collect any stardust or candies, only debris from the crash".

"Any 'Poke-balls', eggs or potions the driver may have had remaining only attracted police, leaving the wild Pokemon for another day," the police spokeswoman told The Age.

Please don't play mobile games while you're driving. Especially Pokemon GO.


    Put a spin on it, then cancel his license for a year or two, take away his car and kick his friggin arse for being a moron. Jesus christ. I understand this isn't the worst crime in the history of crimes, but this *is* the kind of carelessness that ends lives...

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      Don't worry, I doubt he's going to escape with a caution. The magistrate will probably be pretty harsh to make an example of him, depending on his record.

      But that'll just give him more time to play pokemon go :/

        He can play *all* the pokemon go he wants if he's on foot, I dun care.


    I'm not going to berate the (young) fella. Hope he learns!

      He's certainly going to have an interesting conversation or two with his insurer (if he has one).

    I feel like a good re-write of the header would be:
    "Idiot Plays Pokemon GO While Driving, Because He's an Idiot"


      "Idiot Plays Idiot 'Game' While Driving, Because He's An Idiot"

      Or "idiot plays Pokemon Go, because it's for idiots."

      I don't actually mean that, I just wanted to feel what it's like, just for a second, to be a bitter, cranky person that feels the need to crap on other people's joy. In case you're wondering, it felt pretty empty.

    All I can say is thank fuck it happened at night and the school was closed.

    Just saw a kid riding his bike aimlessly down the middle of the street past my house while glued to his phone screen not 20 minutes ago.

    If you're going to play Pokemon Go (or any other mobile game), please pay attention to your surroundings, use some fucking common sense, and don't do stupid shit.

      Or in general, "Pay attention to your surroundings and don't do anything that distracts your attention while operating a vehicle or bike."

        Or while moving in any way whatsoever. People have walked into fountains, lamp-posts and parked cars because they were busy fiddling with their phones.

      Funnily enough, that's the first thing you see when you open the game.

    He wasn't playing Pokemon go while driving he actually told the police officer he was playing before he left home. He was crying because he was fighting with his girlfriend and was wiping his eyes and crashed. As soon as Pokemon was mentioned the police failed to listen to anything else. I know I was there.

      If that's true, then this is a pretty irresponsible report from the official VicPolice media team:

      Casey Highway Patrol is investigating after a motorist made an unplanned PokéStop late yesterday when he crashed his car into a school in Berwick.
      Police have been told the local man was trying to capture a creature from the Pokémon Go application when he appears to have lost control on Ridgemont Drive about 6.50pm.
      It is understood the Berwick motorist was travelling north and negotiating a roundabout when he lost control at Flowerfield Close.
      He ran off the road through a fence and into a school portable building.
      Luckily no one was injured.
      The 19-year-old did not level up nor collect any stardust or candies only debris from the crash.
      Any PokéBalls, eggs or potions the driver may have had remaining only attracted police leaving the wild Pokémon for another day.
      The driver furnished a negative preliminary breath test however it is expected he will be charged on summons in relation to careless driving.
      [Contact details for Media rep follow]

    For all the Pokemon GO players: If you're going somewhere and playing on the way, just be aware that you can plug in your headphones, turn the music off, and just listen to sounds. Any time a pokemon appears? It makes a sound. Any time you fall within range of a pokestop? It makes a sound. That's how you know you should stop - STOP, FUCKERS, STOP - before checking your device. So long as you have one good ear and unless you're doing the whole triangulation shit to look for 'nearby' there's no reason to even be looking at the phone at all. Just leave it open and out of sight.

    This person has to practise harder, I'm sure this Pokemon go master will be able to drive and play someday without crashing.

    In other news: Someone else crashed their car because of their mobile phone use.

    Pokemon Go doesn't make this story any more special.

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