Pokemon GO Trainers: Please Don’t Wander Into The Police Station

Pokemon GO Trainers: Please Don’t Wander Into The Police Station

Part of the fun of Pokemon GO is discovering things in the real world that you’d never encountered before. But some organisations don’t want everyone just walking through their doors.

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Take the fine police officers of Darwin in the Northern Territory, for example. They work hard. They have a lot of ground to cover. And, as it turns out, they’d prefer it if people didn’t walk into the cop shop just because Niantic marked the station as a Pokestop.

The official Facebook page of the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services last night took the step of warning users that they didn’t have to enter the station to collect all the pokeballs. And if people could not get run over while they’re hunting Pokemon, that’d be great too.

Don’t let that Gyarados catch you out, people.


  • As logic tells me I’m going to swing by the graveyard at Toowong. Because I’m certain that there will be Gastly’s there.

    • I was catching Ghastly’s on Queen St mall during the beta. I don’t think the app is that clever.

      • I guess all those shoppers really did shop til they dropped…Probably because they were dead tired.

    • you’ll more than likely find geodudes, zubats and weedles.
      the pokemon dont really hangout in themed areas like you think they would

    • Is it just me or are there a TON of Zubats in Brisbane?

      I guess it makes sense, we have a lot of the real ones that come out at dusk.

  • Could of gone with “Officer Jenny” reference too.

    I am just waiting to hear more stories about this the next few days… Pokestops in my area is an electrical substation with security fences, next to a large hospital. Two places you really dont want people running around suspiciously.

  • Living in and working in Darwin City myself, I watched plenty of people walk in there during my lunch break lol. There’s currently a Rydhorn there now.

  • Anyone else have to log in to their Google account every time they open the game?

    • They are having some server issues this morning that was causing it for me, PITA on my ipad as i have 2 factor authentication and getting a sms to type in a code everytime gets a bit buggy.

    • Installed it last night, collecting pokeballs from the Pokestop right outside my house… walk out this morning and disconnected instantly. Peak hour is going to be a pain for a while… and the night is too cold to be running around a park finding Zubats.

      • I have a city limits sign outside my house that is a Pokéstop. I can access it while sitting on my couch watching TV. It’s great

  • Seriously I’ve battled the local red gym (wtf are the yellow people at?) to take it over and everytime i’ve got the last pokemon down to a slither of red and then its killed my remaining pokemon…. WTF???

    Whaling on the last Ekans and not even scratching it while it smashes mine.

    • better up your game son. take a rock type fighter (geodude) and punch its guts out.

    • Same! Tried 2 gyms on my lunch break they both did the same thing! Server issues i guess…

  • this game is bridging a gap between fantasy and reality…. its a pity little children are going into private places in the world just to catch a pokemon when they are in very real danger

    like get shot with a shotgun danger

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