Pokemon GO Banned At A Religious Shrine In Japan

One of Japan's oldest and most important Shinto shrines Izumo-taisha has banned visitors from playing Pokemon GO. [Image: 663highland]

This comes as the game finally got its Japanese release yesterday.

Izumo-taisha posted an official Pokemon GO ban on its website, stating it was prohibited to play the game inside the shrine as well as on its surroundings grounds.

The shrine's main hall and adjoining structures are National Treasures.

Interestingly, the notice also stated that drones were banned due to privacy concerns of those who have come to visit and worship.

It's likely that other Shinto shrines as well as Buddhist temples will also prohibit Pokemon GO.


    Pretty understandable, if you are going to a shrine to pray and sit in silent contemplation you don't really want people loitering about playing a computer game, or maybe that's just me...

    Phones in general are banned at most shrines. This isn't that big of a deal.

      Yeah, some (not most of the ones I visited, but definitely some) of them ban cameras of any sort, which naturally extended to phones. This is a pretty logical extension of that.

    Isnt this one of those "duh obviously" things? Why is it that people need to be explicitly told? Is it because they cant think for themselves?

      Thing of the average person. Half of them a dumber than that. Since there is a huge cross section of people playing this game, there are going to be a fair share of idiots.

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