Pokemon GO Players Robbed, Two Men Shot

A shootout took place in Las Vegas early yesterday morning when a man and a teenage accomplice tried to rob a group of people playing Pokemon GO. AP reports that the pair, in a large SUV, drove to Gary Reese Freedom Park, which has become a popular Pokemon GO hotspot in the city.

They approached a group of six people playing the game, threatened them at gunpoint and "demanded their possessions". One of the Pokemon GO players, however, had a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his gun and a shootout ensued.

Both the adult suspect (back) and one of the Pokemon GO players (stomach) were shot in the exchange, with both being hospitalised. Both injuries are described as being "non-life threatening".

The driver and his accomplice are now facing police charges.

Image: Lam Yik Fei / Stringer


    So "Attempted robbery in Las Vegas, Two Men Shot".

    Not really Pokemon Go news (and really, not particularly newsworthy in general). I left my 3DS on a plane once, should I have submitted that as a hot news item too?

    Last edited 27/07/16 11:03 am

      I think you mean "Pokemon GO player leaves electronic device capable of interfering with plane radar on plane, a Koffing with self-destruct was found, giving biological explosive problems with possible terrorist motives"

    Aren't guns great? Instead of nobody getting shot both of them get shot!

    But, but, he had a gun, it shouldn't have ended like that. /s

      This whole story's got me confused.. Which one was the Muslim terrorist?

    Wonder how Trump can spin this into a positive for the gun lobbies.

    Very resourceful, being able to shoot both attackers in the back. I wonder how he outflanked them...

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