The Pokemon Live-Action Movie Has Been Greenlit

The Pokemon Live-Action Movie Has Been Greenlit

Will it ever actually get made and hit the big screen? Who knows. But a deal has at least been made, with Legendary Pictures and Nintendo agreeing to make a live-action Pokemon movie.

Variety reports that the movie is scheduled to begin production in late 2017.

Now, get this: The movie isn’t a straight Pokemon flick.

It’s a Detective Pikachu movie.

Detective Pikachu.

What a world we live in.

(Note that, if you pretend this game trailer is the movie trailer, it 100 per cent works)


  • Now, get this: the movie isn’t a straight Pokemon flick.


    It’s a Detective Pikachu movie.

    Oh for…



    Fuck you Legendary. Fuck you Nintendo. I knew you’d do this.


    • Man, when we complained in beta that pokemon go would be better with real pokemon game elements, like real fighting and types and leveling, niantic told us it was because nintendo didnt want to “canabalize” on their main games (ie, lose interest in the game that sells their handheld system). It’s just such shortsightedness, I think this will be the exact same thing but with the anime.

      • Yep I don’t doubt that at all. Niantec likely has their hands tied as much as Legendary do at this point I don’t doubt. Hell, the movie wouldn’t even need to be about Ash, Misty and Brock, it could be some new kid, give him a damn Charmander, you know people LOVE Charmander. But, the movie will be a smash hit either way because Pokemon.

        I walked 10km last night to hatch an egg for my son which turned out to be an Eevee, a low level Eevee. Which are plentiful in my area. Just wanted to vent that ultra-frustration lol.

    • My reaction is the exact opposite to yours. Live action pokemon? Meh. Detective Pikachu, though, and suddenly it sounds like it might be bringing something a bit interesting to the table.

  • Makes me wonder what it’d be like if they did a Who Framed Roger Rabbit style live action animated movie. Set entirely in the Pokemon universe, but with all the humans, sets, props, etc as actors and all the Pokemon inserted in their classic anime form rather than 3D or realistic. Although it might be a bit confusing as to whether the Pokemon are real or just some sort of holograms.

  • begin production in late 2017

    This is a positive, it at least makes it sound like they want to make it right rather than make it fast.

  • Don’t know why Kotaku is worried, they’re going to say that the movie could be the first good video game movie adaption.

  • am i the only one who likes it’s a detective pikachu movie? if it were normal pokemon fare it would just be bad imo but this has a chance to be bad and hilarious

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