Pokemon GO Fan Trolls Westboro Baptist Church, Church Fires Back

Pokemon GO Fan Trolls Westboro Baptist Church, Church Fires Back

It is 2016, and at least one religious institution hasn’t let go of the idea that Pokemon is somehow sinful. What a time to be alive.

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Late last week, a certain Pokémon started making headlines…

For the two of you that don’t play Pokemon GO, what this picture is relaying is that Westboro Baptist Church is marked as a “gym” in Pokemon GO. This in turn means that players can park their Pokemon at that location IRL to defend a digital title. In this case, someone thought it would be funny to put in a fairy type as the defender of a place known for being very hateful and intolerant.

Since then, it is unclear on whether or not the Clefairy has remained in the Westboro Baptist Church gym — the initial “combat power” was low enough that anyone could easily knock it out. Regardless, it seems that the trolling news has reached Westboro itself, and they have taken to social media to issue a response:

And here’s the Vine embedded in the Tweet:

[vine id=”5WdX07BAWM3″]

Incredible. I want to say that they couldn’t have come up with this without having a fan in-house, because Jigglypuff’s jingle is from the anime, which isn’t as popular anymore … but then, they have also said that Clefairy, a digital creature that does not actually exist, is somehow a “sodomite.” OK then.

Actually, WBC has been on a bit of a Pokemon bender, with disgusting posts like:

I feel like I’ve been transported to 1996. I don’t know what WBC’s problem is here, either: in a twist, Pokemon GO is sending everyone to church already.


  • Twitter existed in 1996?

    The only disgusting thing about WBC is that journalists like you still give their views oxygen. Literally nobody else on earth would’ve heard anything about this if y’all keep a lid on it…

    • Preach the good word. Until I saw this I had thought these fuckers had finally faded from existence.

    • 100% true. There is no such thing anymore as bad press, there’s just press, and we need to stop giving it to them. Writing an article about these jerks is more valuable to them than a donation.

  • Holy shit, that Clefairy “repent or perish” poster is so hysterically bad, it’s like what someone who was parodying the WBC would make.

    • Clefairy is God tier pokemon. Repent or perish/faint!

      WBC has been rolling metronome for years, you’ll all be sorry when something super effective comes out!

  • Hehe, it’s a like a massive joke eh? It doesn’t even look like they believe this or really hate everything. The way they write this stuff just reminds me of lazy trolls who do it ‘because they can’.

  • The Westboro baptist “church” is composed of mostly one demented family. Their antics are designed to attract attention.

    The best thing to do to the Westboro baptist church? Ignore them. Completely. Don’t troll them, don’t harass them, don’t talk about them or to them. Don’t cover their protests. Ignore them completely. And then they’ll shrink and shrink and become irrelevant

    • People have treated them with kindness and some have eventually left. The social media head person was interacting with all these people she was taught were evil. Eventually she saw the light and left.

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