Red Dead Redemption Footage From 6 Years Ago Still Looks Damn Good

Every so often, a game comes around that is so well-made and ahead of its time that years on, it almost effortlessly holds up against the current generation. Crysis is one example and now, with the introduction of Red Dead Redemption's Xbox One compatibility, Rockstar's open-world western can confidently hang its hat on the same rack.

Video: DigitalFoundry

To be fair, I think most never doubted RDR's generation-ascending nature, but anyone who had lingering concerns would have to be utterly satisfied now, right?

OK, if for some reason you need more convincing, just take a look at the above clip from DigitalFoundry. Yes, that's Red Dead Redemption and no, it wasn't recorded recently.

It's upscaled footage from six years ago and damn, RDR remains one gorgeous piece of work.

Sad the already infinitesimal odds of it appearing on PC grow smaller by the day. I have this strange feeling we may have to wait until someone cooks up a decent Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 emulator before such a thing is reality.

I guess it's something to look forward to, even if it's, oh, decades away.

Red Dead Redemption Timelapse: A Last-Gen Tech Showcase [YouTube]


    Back in last gen people always complained about the "shades of brown" worlds that every game had. At the time I could never really see what they were talking about. But now that we're well into the current gen, with incredibly colourful and vibrant games like TW3, the criticism seems so obvious. RDR is still a gorgeous game but it could really do with a lick of paint here and there.

      While I'm yet to play it for myself, it seems to me one of the few games that's actually supposed to be shades of brown.

        Oh! I think you'll like it a lot. :)

        And yes, it's a western. There are green lush bits, but they're not the bulk of the map, because western.

          Between all the talk of it around the place lately and having just cleaned a price sticker off the box last night, it's pretty tempting to finally give it a go. Though I do have so many other things on the burner already...

    There's been so many "remember how good this game was? It still holds up today. Backwards Compatibility blurp etc" lately. Man, I never really stopped playing this game over all these years. RDR, Colossus/Ico, Demons Souls and Dark Souls are why I have kept my ps3. In fact I have two. Not meaning to be digging at shit here but I find True Art is not as disposable as peoples opinions. It's only nostalgic for those who moved on.

    Just got RDR on Xbone. Never played. Thoroughly enjoying it.

    It was a great game, I found it to capture the wild west perfectly but I must be the only person who found this game boring as hell. Ok the story was superb, gunplay was almost perfect but there wasnt much else to do in this open world. I kind of found it similar to assassins creeds open world, nothing to do aside from finding some flags. RDR was just the occasional "this guy stole my horse" "my wagon" "my wife has been kidnapped" " Find me some flowers" " Shoot some birds".
    I'm really trying my hardest not to be a troll but that's just my personal opinion.

      I think the main appeal of the game was the main story. When you think about GTA games for example, they often don't have a massive amount of "side quest" content. If you're thinking about the game compared to things like The Witcher 3, it definitely seems sparse, but that's not really a fitting comparison.

      That's not trolling, that's pretty fair. There's some sidequest action, but it's not teeming with it. With RDR I found that fitting - large areas of the map are scrub and desert, after all! The map felt bigger than it was (and it's pretty big anyway).

      Also, it allowed the main story to shine through, and meant that even with trying to grab a lot of the collectables and side-quests, it was a 50-60 hour thing. Which is reasonable. :)

      No, you weren't the only person who found it boring. It felt quite empty and bland to me too. Plus I kept getting stealth killed by mountain lions. I can think of many better games.

    Yeah, I replayed this on my 360 last year and it's still an absolutely brilliant game.

    What I wouldn't give for a modern sequel on the GTA V engine.

    Not only does it look great, the sound has really aged well. Especially that dynamic music. Absolutely nails the sound of the classic spaghetti westerns.

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