Red Dead Redemption Runs Better On Xbox One

Video: Inexplicably, there's still no way to play the fantastic Western open-world game Red Dead Redemption on PC or PlayStation 4, but starting today you can at least play it on an Xbox One. As of this morning, you can either pop in your old 360 disc to get a free Xbox One copy of Red Dead Redemption or buy it digitally on the Xbox store. Although this is still essentially the Xbox 360 version of the game — no remastering here — the engineers on Microsoft's backwards compatibility team did take the time to optimise it for the current generation, leading to a far more stable 30FPS framerate during sections that dipped to 25 or even 20 on Xbox 360.

The good folks at Digital Foundry put together this video comparison, and it's pretty impressive:

Now we all just cross our fingers and wait for Rockstar to announce PC and PS4 versions. And a sequel.


    Meanwhile my PC is sitting on the side, staring at the sky, wondering what could have been.

    An unrequited Steam purchase.

    Damn........I wish the PS4 had this same functionality. IMHO I think it's fantastic that you can run down to EBs, grab a cheap version of the game, pop it in and get a digital version.

    Makes me want to finally get an Xbone.

      Imagine an alternate reality where back-compat was available at launch. I wonder how it would affect the console sales race, especially in those early days when the libraries were really thin.

        I've got a Wii U and appreciated BC from the get go. There weren't many keepers from the Wii days but there were a few. When my son got old enough, scrounging through stacks of cheap Wii games at EBs for some cheap entertainment for him was a favourite passtime for us both.

      Yea the whole renting backwards compatible games I already owned so I could stream them turned me off the PS4 massively.

    doesnt the ps4 have better hardware anyway?

      how is that relevant? It does though, very slightly.

      My elite controller says no. Your RAM says yes.

      Last edited 09/07/16 2:30 pm

        Oh god no i dont have either (sits in glorious pc master-race chair), i just thought the specs of the ps4 were always better so maybe thats the reason for the performance increase, HOWEVER its probably because the xbox uses ati and ps4 uses nvidia? or am i wrong? eitherway rockstar stuff has always ran better on nvidia.

          Ps4 doesn't have red dead at all. Also they're all ATI I'm pretty sure. Nvidia hasn't got a slice of the console market at all.

          Last edited 09/07/16 8:22 pm

            jesus i thought it read xbox one and ps4, jesus chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist

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