Rejoice, One Punch Man Is Getting An English Dub Really Soon

The viral Japanese webcomic and manga One Punch Man was finally turned into an excellent, frequently ludicrous anime by Madhouse last year, and it was a brilliant take on over the top superhero action. But good news! It's finally coming to the West on Adult Swim's Toonami — and it's coming very soon. A surprise announcement at Anime Expo this weekend, the English dub of the show — which follows the laid-back superhero Saitama, who protects the City of Z from crazy villains and gigantic monsters with his ability to defeat any opponent in a single punch — is coming to the Toonami programming block in just a couple of weeks, debuting in the US at midnight on July 16.

The English cast of the show was also revealed at Anime Expo, with Max Mittelman playing the titular one punch man, Saitama, and joined by Zach Aguilar (Genos), Erik Scott Kimerer (Speed O'Sound Sonic) and Robbie Daymond (Mumen Rider). You can hear some of them in action in the trailer above.

Good news if you were waiting for the show get a dub — and even better that it won't be all that long for it to come out! Hopefully Australian distribution will soon follow.

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    Why Rejoice? English Dubs are always dog shit even for the high production anime.
    I find that English voice actors cant emote or care about the media the same way a Japanese voice actor does.

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      That's true as a general rule, but as with any general rule there are always exceptions.

      Honestly, having listened to the trailer I'm getting the feeling this will be one of those exceptions too. They really got the apathetic sound down pat for Saitama and even the villains don't sound like shitty voice actors.

        Thats true there are some, but from the trailer i don't find it encouraging. Don't like saitama's english voice.

          I guess that's where we differ, I thought Saitama's english voice was pretty damn fitting. Very run of the mill average male bored with life sounding.

            I liked the voice as well, has the necessary boredom element in it. But it did miss the subtle goofiness the japanese actor had (without making our hero sound like an imbecile). The villain voices were astounding.

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      Soo true...

      Well, 98% of the time, anyway. There are some animoo where the voice actor/actress excels, like Kelli Cousins in Steel Angel Kurumi, Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat in Dragon Ball Z. Those guys are awesome.

      EDIT: Oh! And Johnny Yong Bosch in all his animoo.

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      Gonna have to agree, and I normally don't, though I thought Hellsing Ultimate was dubbed pretty well. From the trailer above, his voice just doesn't sound right; more like a resigned flashback narrator at the start of a movie where the flashback leads up to a "And that's how I got into this situation" scene, before rediscovering his inner-strength / purpose-to-fight-on / whatever.

    How dare they dub it. One Punch Man with the Japanese voice cast is just a really important part of my childhood.

    Saitama just sounds too "edgy" for me, keen to hear what Genos sounds like though

    Hooray! Now we can experience the joys of having all the lines butchered into a flat, monotonous tone, have slighty effeminate male characters just outright voiced as female, and enjoy the tweaks of parts that simply don't translate into english being changed in a way that completely alters, for the worse, what was meant to be conveyed.

    Some dubs have been alright, admittedly, but one has to ask the question - why? The only people who benefit from a dub are those who can't read above a fourth grade level. And even then, I'd still encourage them towards the sub since it will help improve reading speed and vocabulary.

      You clearly haven't watched an anime dub since 2004, so simple answer: because some people like watching a show in their native language. That's it.

        But it looses so much in doing so that the negatives undeniably far outweigh the sole benefit of a dub - not having to read.

        Imagine watching the Simpsons dubbed into french. Sure, the voice actors might be great in their own right, but you can't deny that hearing Homer say "le d'oh" would drastically change the perception of the show.

        The only possible way for a dub to exist without all the negatives would be if the translations were done by the original author, and the voice actors chosen by the original producer too. But even then, some things are simply untranslatable in a manner that doesn't change or remove an aspect of the original.

        I really can't fathom how someone could prefer a dub. So long as you can read fast enough to be in sync with the char talking, after a bit of focus you forget you aren't even hearing it in English.

        Blind people are about the only group that have a valid reason to need a dub.

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      If I want to read, I'll read a Sci fi book that nails it more than any anime. Why read subs of a mecha anime when there's superior Battletech/Mechwarrior novels?

      While I generally prefer to watch anime subbed, I personally have exceptions to this rule (Cowboy Bebop being an example), and I certainly don't fault other people for doing so. There are certainly some bad dubs out there (anything 4Kids or Tokyopop can die in a fire), but there's also good dubs as well, just as with any other form of adapted media. Dragon Ball certainly never would have become the worldwide phenomenon it did without dubs, and you can argue that anime in general would've barely made it in the world outside of Japan without it.

      And while it can be frustrating to find them using female voices for effeminate male characters and vice versa, Japan isn't exactly free of this practice either. This is the Japanese voice actor for Goku, and because Japan has the habit of keeping the same voice actor for a character throughout their entire run, Goku sounds pretty much the same as an adult as he did as a kid. And while Goku is of course a bit childish, there's a big difference between being childish and sounding like a child. Women voicing children is actually pretty common practice for animated media, as I'm sure you're aware. With the issue of males going through puberty in their teens and having their voice change, generally it's easier to use a female voice actor for these roles so their voice won't change mid-show.

      And finally, if you're going to make the argument that watching anime subbed is the more 'correct' way to do it, why stop there? Shouldn't everyone who wants to watch anime do it by learning Japanese first? Surely doing that is going to give a much more pure experience than reading what people have adapted into English.

        While I agree that learning japanese is going to be the most correct way of viewing, it's also very time consuming and could be considered excessive just to watch a movie. Reading subs is something anyone should be able to do with little to no effort.

        This isn't really limited to anime - I often watch movies in French, Korean, Chinese, German, and several other languages. Learning all those languages would be close to impossible for most. Hearing any of those dubbed simply wouldn't work, and would be detrimental to the movie as a whole.

        If people want a dub then that's their perogative. But the negatives it introduces just seem to far outweigh the sole benefit of not having to read or be constantly staring at the tv.

    As long as the intro still starts with ONE PUUUUUUUNCH I shall approve of this.

    I'm perfectly fine with dubs (I prefer them over subs), but I kinda expected Saitama to have a more... idunno, ordinary/bland voice?

    not sure they nailed saitamas voice, it still sounds a bit too spidermanish if that makes sense, like someone who is a bit more lively as a hero.
    i really like the japanese voices and i guess because that is what i watched first, that is now the bar at which i measure the english voices, and i dont feel they are a good match. ill still check it out, because im always down to watch through a season of OPM again. such a great anime and manga.

      The Japanese accent and language just really lends itself to the nonchalant bad-ass, the language is so tonally neutral compared to English (especially American english) that it just works perfectly, Americans always end up sounding too excited.

    Seriously whats up with all the hate don't like dub don't watch it its that simple no need to insult the dub VA's its just rude

    I have to say it really depends on the series and/or voice actor.
    To give an example i hate the Japanese Goku - far too feminine, but love the English dub Goku.
    I also think it depends on where you were exposed to it first - again DBZ being an example, due to being exposed to the English dubs on cheez tv long before any of us watched anime makes people partial to the English version.

      yeeah this is the same to me.
      but since i have been watching Dragonball Super, ive had to watch it with Subs, not Dubs, hated Goku's voice at first, but now im used to it and actually suits his comic boneheadedness perfectly.

    when im watching an anime series that's new usually its subs first i'll stick to subs. as for dub. rarely.. i do prefer Dub over subs. dont care about terrible voice acting, leave it to ya imagination.

    Looks amazing! I always think the English voice actors do a good job despite so many hipsters hating on them.

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