Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is Coming To The PS4 In October

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If you've been waiting patiently for Rise of the Tomb Raider to make its PS4 debut, well ... you'll still have to wait a little while longer. Until early October, that is.

Square Enix announced via the official PlayStation Blog this morning that Rise of the Tomb Raider would make its way to Sony's console on October 11, at least in the United States. It's a Game of the Year-esque bundle called "20 Year Celebration", and will come with the "Blood Ties" singleplayer DLC that lets players explore Croft Manor.

You'll also get the "Lara's Nightmare" DLC, which turns the Croft mansion into a base to defend against the hordes of the undead. There's extra skins for Lara and a "Extreme Survivor" mode that removes all of the game's checkpoints for those who want a more punishing difficulty.

I've reached out to Square Enix's local PR to see if Australians and New Zealanders will get the 20 Year Celebration on October 11 as well. If anything interesting comes out of that, I'll let you know.


    Wait.. are those DLC'S exclusive to PS4?


      free for current season pass owners (except for Xbox 360)

        Thanks! Time to jump back into Tomb Raider!!

        Edit: just realised the DLC is not out yet. Oct 11.

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    As much as I enjoyed the first re-boot I probably won't worry about getting this game as the timed exclusive BS really irritated me. If it was just a couple of weeks maybe, but nearly a whole year....

      Pretty much my feelings on the matter.
      I will be buying this game second hand or wait for the price to drop drastically, I'm not paying anything close to full price for a year old game with a spit shine.

        That begs the question though, what exactly is so bad about the game being a year old? It's not food that needs to be served fresh. It's not a MMO where buying the core game a year later alters the experience. It's not a twist driven community experience. The bar hasn't been raised in terms of quality games on consoles so it doesn't feel dated. It's not a game that's appeal is based on hype. Why do we consider something that is for all intents and purposes the same as it was a year ago to be worth so much less now?
        I had no trouble with this game's price at launch yet now it's sort of insulting for them to ask for that much. Yeah I could get a brand new game for that much, but Rise of the Tomb Raider is better than most recent releases.

      Really? We had to wait most of a year to get Rocket League, not to mention other games which PS4 got first like Octodad, Not a Hero, Oddworld - it didn't make want those games any less

        That's because you're not a crybaby.

          Getting pissy about somebody's opinion kinda falls in that category though.

            Sure glad no one here is getting pissy about that opinion then.

            Not the slightest bit pissy, just trying to understand it is all, like I totally get choosing one side in the console wares over another - people who get every machine probably have a lot of money and time to spare, I have neither so I made a choice and it is awful when the choice you made means you miss out on something you wanted (trust I used to be a Nintendo fanboy I - the struggle is real) but if a game that was exclusive to another platform became available to me later and I wanted it - I wouldn't you know, hold a grudge about it!

            On PS4 you'll be getting the same game with extra free shit! (As is often the case with these late releases) where's the downside!?

              It's really just personal principal. If I held a grudge I would prob be calling for one of those empty boycotts I love so much.

              This title struck me because of the complexity of the issue. The announcement, the backlash and the PR fallout was insane.
              Phill Spencer did not seem happy telling everyone it was a timed exclusive, he came off quite defensive.

              I'm past the us vs them thing where people complain about missing out, but then rub it in when they don't. It's lead to some kind of ancient tribal blood feud.
              (I thought Xbox players missing out on Destiny content for so long was pretty shitty, especially since it was so god damned crappy)

              Anyway, I can't change the mind of the industry and I don't expect people to agree with me, I just found this exclusive to be unneeded.
              Square and CD made a decision, they got their money and that is their choice.
              But I've gone a year without it, could've grabbed the PC version when I upgraded, but hey, no rush right?
              Now we are approaching the PS4 release and the word has no impact, I can wait longer and save some cash, there is no urgency because it's been there in reach already.

              I know others share this weird consumer window of opportunity, look at the mentality on Steam: "Wait for a sale"

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                Yep totally and hey full disclosure I will get it when it's on sale cuz I still haven't finished the first one!!

        More so that I'm busy playing other games that have been released since.

        I have none of those titles, and Sonys exclusives are irrelevant as an argument because I'm talking about exclusives in general.
        I'm sure people got annoyed at those games, I know I did at a few, but this isn't an us vs them thing.

        They all suck, doesn't matter what platform you like.

      It's stupid and frustrating but I recommend playing it anyway.

    The question is, will it sell better on the PS4 than it did on the X1?

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      Why not? X1 player base is low so if 50% X1 player bought it and 50% PS4 players bought it, it is still almost double the number of X1 sales.

      In fact, they just need to sell roughly 25% of the PS4 player base and I think that is very achievable.

        I agree. But I'm sure we will then get people going on about how PS4 is better and that the game should never have been an X1 timed exclusive.

          Yeah well fanboy toxic will never end so all we can do is just ignore them and not give them any attention. Eventually they will give up lol.

          I played the game on PC and it is an excellent game. I am just curious if the new DLC influenced by Uncharted's story that the Drake brothers visited the Professor's house.

            I've played it on the X1 and enjoyed it.

    note on the survival mode - you collect firewood and build fires in order to create a save point

    EB is advertising the 20 year celebration. October 11.

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