ROCCAT Is Getting Onboard The Keyboard And Mouse Couch Train As Well

ROCCAT Is Getting Onboard The Keyboard And Mouse Couch Train As Well

It’s the kind the Steam Controller was supposed to do: bring the precision of a mouse and keyboard to the living room, without the hassles and discomfort of multiple wires.

But Valve’s controller is way too fiddly for most people. So ROCCAT have gone and followed in CORSAIR’s footsteps by introducing the Sova Gaming Board — basically a stable table for your mouse and keyboard.

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Replacements for the mouse and keyboard haven’t been quite as precise and user-friendly as people were hoping them to be. So like CORSAIR did with its Lapdog earlier this year, ROCCAT isn’t bothering to replace the mouse and keyboard at all. Instead, it’s making mouse and keyboard gaming on the couch more accessible.

It’s basically a tray that houses a full-size keyboard and mouse pad that weighs 2.35kg. It works with any gaming mouse and you can switch out the built-in mousepad, although the fixed dimensions of the SOVA means there are undoubtedly limits to what surfaces you can use.

The keyboard isn’t interchangeable though. ROCCAT’s website says the Sova comes in membrane and mechanical varieties, although given that EB Games are retailing the Sova for $300 you’d probably want mechanical switches.

There’s also two USB 2.0 ports and a channel on the underside of the tray for you to run your mouse cord through. The entire thing connects via a 4 metre cable, which is handy since the last thing you want when playing twitch shooters on the couch is any semblance of lag.

You can read ROCCAT’s elevator pitch over on their website. What do you think? Is there any appeal in having a stable table for your mouse and keyboard?


  • I’d want this for running my laptop through the tv while in bed and writing music tbh.

  • I’d say give me wireless tbh. I’ve got a wireless keyboard and mouse which I set up on a laptop table… and it’s a little cramped, but I definitely don’t notice the input lag from wireless…

    Last thing I want is a huge 4m cord running through the middle of my living room.

  • I will take a look at this. I’ve actually been thinking of building my own adjustable ‘table’ for this very purpose lol…

  • Wired? WTF??

    What’s the point of having a wired lapdesk like this?

    Current lapdesks have huge downsides. This one is WIRED (seriously… ), and the Razer Turret has a mini mousepad, and no keyboard backlighting. Not to mention it’s apparently pretty uncomfortable.

    Ah well, I’m sure someone will nail it eventually.

    • It’s wired because it’s a gaming accessory aimed more at the “core” (urgh) gamer who as Alex mentions is more concerned about input lag than wireless. It’s not meant for goofing off on the internet and media, although that’s all I’d do with it personally.

      • “Hardcore” gamers don’t game in their living rooms. They do it in a dedicated gaming room with a proper setup.

        Wireless input lag is a myth, anyway.

  • Pretty dumb peripheral. Hopefully it crashes and burns. I could just get a padded board and put my WIRELESS mouse and keyboard on top of it.

    Anything in 2016 that has wires is not fit for living room use. Come on Roccat, use your stupid brain.

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