Nobody got yesterday's Scribbletaku, but then I'm not surprised.

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It'll be the last scribble from Mark for a little while — he's enjoying a well-deserved holiday! Understandably, he had to make it difficult. Maybe a little too difficult.

Nevertheless, since it's the second time around I'll give everyone a little hint. It's definitely sport-related. Some of you picked up on that already, but it doesn't have anything to do with racing. Hope that helps!


    Punch Out!! on NES.

    Actually it might be Super Punch Out!! - bit too much detail for the original.

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      These were my first thoughts

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    I know I have seen this before. I just don't know where, would have thought it was Punch-out or California Games but those have been mentioned already.

    Victorious Boxers?
    Otherwise, Revenge of Sergeant Slaughter: Heel Turn.

      This is the closest guess so far.

        Man, i can't remember crowd faces worth shit.
        Maybe some dude in Final Blow? They used to be cool and wear glasses indoors

    In the spirit of the event, I'm going to suggest Wimbledon.
    Or some sort of Beach Volleyball game

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