Neither Thursday's or Friday's ScribbleTaku (the latter was Stardew Valley, incidentally) lasted particularly long. Nice work Naughty Beverage.

But dammit. It's time to stop playing nice.

You've all been too good recently, but if this lasts a day I'll offer a juicy hint. But given my recent track record, chances are someone will crack it in 3 or 4 hours.

Still. I have faith. Maybe this will stump a few. We'll see.


    Ultima Underworld

      Was thinking of the various Ultima games myself, but none that I can think of had a power bar. Certainly none like this one.

    It reminds me of that really, really terrible game that was co-op and fighting demons from hell or something.
    Pretty sure lame game marathon did it

    I know it's not Powerslave, but it has an ankh, so...


      I could not think of Powerslave before. Reckon you're pretty close!!

        Nice guess, but not quite. The pattern behind the ankh is deliberate.

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