Nobody got yesterday's ScribbleTaku, which is great for me. I was starting to think I'd lost the ability to challenge you all.

So as per the usual rules, it's back again. There's some clues after the jump.

Everyone was well wide of the mark yesterday. Come on, people. Surely retro games with ankhs aren't that hard to spot. Try and look a little harder today.

And just so you don't all hate me, here's a few nudges in the right direction. Try and think back to the 90's. It really was a bit of a golden age for games, wasn't it? Can't even think of any other period where there were three or four years back to back with so many cracking titles.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you won't let this game last beyond the 2nd day. After all, I've just told you what it is.

Have fun!


    My guess was wide off yesterday,
    but it's not Golden Axe 3 is it?

      I was thinking golden axe (I missed yesterdays article so wasn't sure if it was mentioned)......but I cant seem to match the image.

        I remember in golden axe 3 the ankh's appeared under or next to the health bar, and collecting 4 of them gave you an extra life I think?? That is all I based my guess on though, probably should l2google because I'm probably thinking of completely the wrong game still

        Last edited 12/07/16 12:37 pm

    Back to the Future Part 3 on the Mega Drive?

    If it's literally just that Ankh game I'mma be mad :P

    I'm gonna go with the original Rise of the Triad... I remember the pickups were Ankhs or coins with Ankhs on them..

    Wouldn't be Populous would it?

      I had that thought too, but all the icons in Populous are oriented isometrically.

        Yeah... But still throwing my hat in the ring in case Alex stuffed up *cough*


          Here's another hint: re-read the text of the post more closely.

    OK, the game is politically correct. However, your clue has made me offended! Such a pain in the Ankh.

    One of the Hexen/ Heretic games?

    How about Golden Age

    I'm either assuming there is a PC game called Golden Ages with that image, or a game called Ankh!

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