Well done to Casual Prolix yesterday for finally working out one of the more cryptic clues in a ScribbleTaku. The game was Ecstatica 2, and I'll show you all how you could have worked it out after the jump.

But before that, here's today's ScribbleTaku.

OK, so for those of you who were a bit perplexed by yesterday's hint, here's how it was done:

Everyone was well wide of the mark yesterday. Come on, people. Surely retro games with ankhs aren’t that hard to spot. Try and look a little harder today.
And just so you don’t all hate me, here’s a few nudges in the right direction. Try and think back to the 90’s. It really was a bit of a golden age for games, wasn’t it? Can’t even think of any other period where there were three or four years back to back with so many cracking titles.
Anyway, I’m pretty sure you won’t let this game last beyond the 2nd day. After all, I’ve just told you what it is.

There you are. Hopefully I wasn't too naff with the hint.


    Remember when Scribbletaku was just the floor block from Castlevania and 5 of us agrued about which NES game it was from. I miss those days.

    Your first letter hint yesterday is invalid. It would come out as ECSTATICAA, not ECSTATICA 2...

    Tile Puzzle 6: Revenge of the Floral Tiles

    "This time it's pretty much the same as last time, but with flowers"

    Jesus, another headscratcher...

    Mosaic Madness?

    Nope. There's another hint in the text (but not in the blockquote or before the jump).

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