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Yesterday's ScribbleTaku — which was Another World — was solved in the blink of an eye.

This will not do. Time to up the difficulty. No more Nice ScribbleTaku Guy. Or Thing. I don't really know. I'm just going to make this harder. Prepare yourselves.

I'm really hoping that this is recognisable enough without being supremely obscure. But you don't get any hints. At least not today.

Good luck!


    Pipe dreams? (or one of the numerous other pipe based puzzle games)

    The puzzle we really should be trying to solve is, what was written on the previous page...

      I'll include that as a hint tomorrow if nobody gets it today, as it was Scribbletaku related!

    Dragon Age 2?
    Reminds me of a pattern on a door from some RPG?

      I thought it might have been The Order:1886... but then i looked it up and... no...

      But yeah DA2 sounds like a good guess.

      Could even be like one of the banner patterns from Diablo 3.


    (but yeah, keep going everyone)

    The Witness? edit: oops i noticed someone guessed this already

    Last edited 20/07/16 1:22 pm

    Wondering if it's a nordic symbol... possibly from Rune or Skyrim?

    the answer to this one will really annoy me as it is really familiar....

    And it's still unsolved! Keep trying, but I'll pop up a couple of hints tomorrow at the usual time.

      Uncharted 2 can't remember the name but it's in the room where u open the door to shambala

    Is it one of the symbols from Assassins Creed 2

      Nope! I'll put up some hints in a couple of hours.

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