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Yesterday was tough. Maybe way too tough. But that's OK, because everyone can have another crack at it today! It's ScribbleTaku time.

I promised yesterday I'd reveal what I'd written on the previous page as part of a hint for today.

Well, I forgot to bring the damn notebook. So this isn't word for word what was written, but you'll get the general idea:

Some obscure part of a screenshot Or some box art Or maybe something from a manual

That will help you along the right track.

Here's a second hint: this game is a old multi-platform title. The image, however, was only ever used in the PC version of the game. This game was also released on handheld consoles.

I don't want to give too much more away; hopefully that still provides plenty of challenge. Good luck!


    Yesterday I was thinking some Celtic art from an RPG, but the line "That will help you along the right track" (clue 1.5?) makes me think others were right yesterday assuming it's from a racing game.

      Pretty much what i was thinking as well

      Yeah good point, something like Micro Machines

    erm...Rampart or maybe one of the Gauntlets?

    Crazy thing is, I feel like I've seen this before but can't recall the game. $5 says once someone guesses it I'll be spewing.

    Looks like one of the symbols from the original Prince of Persia, the ones that acted as waypoints that you had to search through the manual for.

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