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Congrats to Bob yesterday, who correctly divined the game as being ActRaiser. I've never heard of it, but apparently it was a platformer and city-building simulation released on the SNES back in 1990. So there you go.

But I'm back in charge. So let's give you all something to ponder for the next day or so.

No hints. I might give you one tomorrow if you all get stuck. But I have a feeling that this is pretty recognisable (I feel like this is the best recreation I've done, although it wasn't too difficult).

Good luck!


    Actraiser was amazing

    For today Tenchu

      That was my gut feeling as well. The & doesnt gel with that though.

    My first thought was Daikatana, but the ampersand doesn't fit with that.

      John Romero's about to make Scribbletaku his bitch.

        hahah i hope not! If it turns out like Daikatana, nobody will play it anymore ;)

          [Dons a white shirt and a video camera in case it is Daikatana.]

            It's not. Sorry!

              Aw man! I had 2,000 F-Bombs and a guest appearance by James Rolfe all lined up!

              Thankyou for ruining the evening!

    Random guess: Shogo (1998, PC). Also reminds me of daikatana too, as the person above mentioned.

    I'm probably wrong on both accounts though because those titles seem too well known. No scribbletaku victory cake for me T_T

    I'll throw Jade Empire into my un-educated guess list too, just because.

    Last edited 29/07/16 12:37 pm

      I must be waaaay off to not even be worthy of a 'no, sorry' .

      *Throws pre-emptive victory cake inti bin*




      9 seconds elapse.

      *discretely pulls cake out of bin and cuts a slice*

      Mmmmmm .... garbage water ganache.

      Last edited 30/07/16 9:21 pm

    Ah friggin hell I know this one and I'm drawing a blank on the game. Arrrghhh.

    Last edited 29/07/16 12:44 pm

    Ka And

      Warning: broken and amaturish Japanese approaching.

      Don't you mean ka mo? :-P

        I think you meant Ka To.

          Oh yeah. You're right. Despite trying to learn the language multiple times I still get the particles wrong.

          Having tried on and off for over 10 years I'm making my current attempt my last before resigning to the fact I lack the ability to learn another language.

          Last edited 29/07/16 7:07 pm

    This one is easy! Biker Mice from Mars!

    I am thinking it is a fighting game but i have no idea which one.

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