SEGA Acquires Endless Space, Endless Legend Developer Amplitude Studios

Being an indie dev is great and all, but imagine a company like SEGA rolling up one day in its giant fun bus and making the following gleeful inquiry: "Hey, we think you're a bit of alright, want to come aboard?" Seems to have worked out OK for Creative Assembly and hopefully so too for the freshly SEGA'd Amplitude Studios.

Image: Amplitude Studios

Amplitude? Sounds kinda-sorta familiar? If you've played Endless Space or Endless Legend, then you're well-acquainted with its good work. Otherwise, all you need to know is the company has carved a niche for itself in the strategy genre, tackling both sci-fi and fantasy with its "Endless" series.

SEGA, which appears to love this niche as well, has added the company to its crowd gamedev platform, called "Games2Gether".

Amplitude announced the news via the G2G blog, stating the acquisition was driven partially by the studio's love of Relic and Creative Assembly (both owned by SEGA) and the services the publisher can provide:

...the bigger reason why we wanted to join SEGA was how they treat their internal studios. Often, studios are controlled by a central department that dictates what games they should do, and how and when. But SEGA is a company that offers its support to the creators, positioning itself as a service provider, helping studios to reach their goals with only one objective in mind: Quality!

There's always a fear when purchases like this take place that the acquirer will tear the place apart and feed on its remains, but SEGA has shown it knows the right level of involvement with its stable of studios. Hopefully, this continues with the addition of Amplitude.

Amplitude joins the SEGA family! [Games2Gether, via VentureBeat]


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