Snorlax Bean Bags Are A Thing Now

Snorlax Bean Bags Are A Thing Now

You can’t pre-order it in Australia and shipping this thing internationally would be a bit of a pain. But if you can weave a bit of magic with customs, it’s possible to get a bean bag that looks like Snorlax.

It's a new bean bag on Thinkgeek styled in the shape of a Snorlax. Because if you had to take a nap with a big, fluffy Pokemon, why not Snorlax?

I'd rather have a cuddle with a Psyduck, but I love that derpy Pokemon more than anyone should. Psyducks are the greatest.

Anyway, Snorlax bean bags. The outside is 100% polyester and it's officially licensed by The Pokemon Company, according to the description. It's around 70cm across, 1.21m tall and about 30cm thick, which should be enough for most people to comfortably cuddle.

It'll set you back at least $200, plus another $US10 for the heavy item surcharge. The item can't be shipped to Australia, although after it becomes available this Christmas it might be possible to have one sent down under. You could probably get a friend or relative to ship it on as well, and there are those international forwarding services that might come in handy.


    • It seems stupid to ship a Bean Bag already full of beans.

      Would I buy it, yes. Will I buy it if the only way to get it is full, hell no.

      I do like that it has padding and beans inside it.

  • Why the hell does it come full of beans. Seems like a logistics nightmare for no reason.. plus it makes it virtually impossible for us to get one. Then again if you could get it here for 500 bucks postage you’re still cheaper than buying a luvsac beanbag as they are expensive as shit and thats without beans!

  • Snorlax bean bags are now available to pre-order in Australia through EB Games or their sister store, Zing!

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