Some Regular ESPN Fans Are Pretty Angry Today

In case you didn’t know, today is the final day of action for the Evolution Championship Series. That’s the world’s largest collection of fighting game tournaments, and it’s also one of the most prestigious — and exciting — events on the esports calendar.

EVO always makes for good viewing. And because fighting games are quickly and easily understood, it also fits really well with traditional broadcast media. So that’s what ESPN 2 is doing right now — and regular ESPN 2 fans are a bit crabby about it.

It’s making for a fun battle on social media: EVO and esports fans thrilled at the spotlight being given to games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Street Fighter V, and other sporting fans livid at the network’s apparent stupidity.

There is the small fact that ESPN 2 has been showing alternatives to regular sport for years, as one user noted:

But that hasn’t stopped a litany of complaints nonetheless.

But while some of the rage on social media is worth a laugh, so are some of the replies.

As ESPN continues to double down on esports, we’ll see more of this kind of division and confusion from ESPN’s regular audience. But all of the future projections and investment from sports into video games and esports aside, the strong argument remains: American sports is having a bit of a quiet period right now. Why not fill the void with super passionate gamers, especially in the late hours of the evening?

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