Sometimes, A Comic-Book Cover Is Too Good

Yes, that's Mole Man doing the ol' trilby hat-tip and courtly creep-bro greeting. Genius like that which you see above is why The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is one of Marvel's best comics. This morning, I scanned through this week's new comics like I always do, figuring out what to read and write about. The cover of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #10 jumped out at me with its perfection, featuring the longtime underground villain who's still trying get a date with the series' main character.

This issue wraps up an arc about Doreen Green's dating woes, the latest of which has had Harvey Elder fall in love with her while she thwarted his evil plans. Then, when she spurned his advances, Mole Man started sinking landmark buildings all over the world until she agrees to date him. Once the Squirrel/Mole drama enters the realm of public opinion, things get even messier:

I love the storytelling trick on the page above, where different characters are finishing the words from previous panels. You see it a lot in TV shows and movies and it's a great device to keep things moving here. This is a fun issue with a surprising twist I won't spoil but, again, that cover. So great.


    I cant understand the squirrel girl love here.... she's a terrible character and these latest runs have terrible art, and the limited selection i've forced myself to read have been really bad comics.

    Maybe im missing something, Whats the appeal?

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      I admittedly haven't read a single issue of this run of USG (or any, ever, I've never been into comics at all), but I actually got sick of hearing about it long before it ever came out because I followed Ryan North on tumblr and twitter and that's basically all he posted about for three months leading up to the launch.

      USG seems to be designed purely to pander to a certain crowd by being deliberately unconventional - from her unconventional approach to situations, to her looks/body type, etc. She's been built from the ground up to be the antithesis of your typical female super hero wank material but of course she's also quirky and funny, written in exactly the way real people don't speak.

      The writers also seem to use her as a platform for social commentary, but I probably only have that view because of the snippets that tend to get featured here.

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        I've read the first...5 or 6? issues of North's run, it's a lot of fun. It's a pretty metafictional look at a character that's always been narratively out there. Lots of fun, and the footnotes on each page are pretty funny

        I heard a rumour that the current artist got the previous two artists fired so that she could create the whole thing herself. She also got the job because she was popular on tumblr, so she's basically just catering to them.

        Cheers for that, as someone that doesn't use twitter/reddit/tumbler/facebook i miss a lot of the presumed knowledge to these articles.

        See the social commentary was all i was getting from it and didn't like it, and its possible a lot of the humour just isn't for me...

        Im ok with changing the physical stereotypes and giving characters new looks that move away from the musclebound/sexy look, but this art style is just offensive to look at for me... kind like looking at squid-billies or Rick and Morty initially... at least the humour in Rick and Morty is great kept me watching.

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