Splatoon’s Final Splatfest Is Already Tearing Everyone Apart

Splatoon’s Final Splatfest Is Already Tearing Everyone Apart

Splatoon’s last big event asks one impossible, divisive question: are you Team Marie or Team Callie? It will be a waifu war for the ages.

They did warn us…

Now we have one month to prepare, because THE FINAL SPLATFEST goes live on Friday, July 22. As detailed by the official Splatoon blog, this one will work a little differently from all the others:

However the matchups will be different — the players in Japan will be matched up with those in Japan, and the players in North America and Europe will be matched up with each other. The Top 100 Players will also be tallied and announced separately for Japan region and for North America and Europe regions. Though the results will be collected from all regions, they will be combined together and announced at the same time.

At the end of this note Nintendo outright says that this Splatfest will feature “the hardest decision you’ll make in your lifetime,” so they know exactly what they are doing here. Already, the Splatoon fandom is destroying itself from inside:

Mostly, though, people are freaking out that this is the last Splatfest ever — it will mean that, after July, Splatoon is pretty much done. That sucks for anyone who just bought the game, or wants to continue playing the game:

Well, if the year of Splatoon is about to come to a close…maybe you can announce Splatoon 2 already, Nintendo? One can dream.


  • Splatfests are great, our family tries to play as many as possible but sometimes time gets the better of us. I’m not too happy about this news.

    You’re able to draw stuff on the Gamepad that shows up in matches on the walls, that’s a given. My niece didn’t realise this.

    She was playing about in however many matches, and she sees her (very basic) cat drawing on one of the walls, all lit up and bright. She goes ‘I’m famous!’.

    I absolutely adore this game and what it does for Nintendo, and online gaming as a whole. Absolutely adore it.

    I expect if we had got a Splatoon 2 (Spla2n? Splatwon?) by now Kotaku still wouldn’t feature anything about it outside of Advertorials if today’s posts are anything to go by 😀

      • The huge amount of coverage convinced me to jump in and I’m glad of it. I was so sceptical of this game when it was released.

  • How is Splatoon done? Splatfests are a pretty fun but small part of the game. 95% of the time playing is not during a splatfest.

    • This splatfest is dragging me away from overwatch. I couldn’t get a team together because not enough people would play. I still love splatoon, just can’t play all the time D=

  • I have said since i first played it these 2 remind me of my wife and her sister, Better choose the one that reminds me of my wife then so go Marie.

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