Square Enix Is Making A RPG For Apple Watch

Cosmos Rings, according to Famitsu, will be the "world's first RPG" exclusive for Apple Watch. [Image: Square Enix]

Even though, as Mike Fahey points out, there are other RPGs for the Apple Watch...

[Images: Gamer]

The game, which uses the Apple Watch's pedometer function, will be available through the App Store and the Watch App Store.

[Images: Gamer]

Takehiro Ando, who created the mobile franchise Chaos Rings, is producing, while Yusuke Naora is handling the art.

Cosmos Rings will be out worldwide this winter.



    ... and this would sell more than a game on the Vita would?

      What's a vita? Enjoy the apple watch port of I Am Setsuna :p

      Since the only way I've found to even BUY a vita anymore is second-hand, I'm gonna say yes.

        I've still seen more people use a Vita than an Apple Watch!

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