Star Trek Adventures RPG Announced

Star Trek Adventures RPG Announced
Image: Modiphius Entertainment / CBS

Besides the latest Star Trek movies, the franchise has recently received a new lease on life, with news that CBS is cooking up a TV series. It appears that’s not the only item on the cards — we’re getting a pen-and-paper RPG too.

In development under the watchful eye of Modiphius Productions, Star Trek Adventures will make use of the company’s “2d20” system. A the helm is designer Jay Little, whose previous exploits include the X-Wing Miniatures game and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

And it’s not just a rulebook — Modiphius is going all-out with the minis and supplementary materials:

Modiphius is also sculpting an accompanying Star Trek miniature figure line, the first to be produced in 17 years. Resin and metal 32mm-scale hobby figures will feature classic Star Trek characters and crews, boarding parties and away teams. Geomorphic tile maps of burning Federation ships, mysterious colonies and embattled Klingon cruisers will set the scene for dramatic new voyages in the Final Frontier.

In even better news, the game will be based on TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise, not the new Trek movies.

The release is currently set for mid-2017, though you can sign-up at the official site for updates and hope that a playtest is forthcoming.

Star Trek Adventures [Modiphius, via Geek & Sundry]


  • I can create my own Startrek RPG…so why bother shelling out for this?

    The B/X D&D Thief is basically a human with skills of a particular sort. Swap those skills for starfleet-ish skills and you have a bunch of redshirts who beam down with Captain Kirk on a dare.

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