Static Podcast: Open World Or Linear?

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In this week's episode: open world vs linear video games, how we consume music, all our favourite foods are dead, plus we answer your question: what are the best video games for kids?

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In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Lifehacker Australia's Chris Jager, Gizmodo Australia's Hayley Williams and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

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    "If you can't explore the entire world then what's the point of it?"
    Unexpectedly deep :P

    I'm with the whole open world thing, I like the idea of it but in practise I generally find it fairly boring. I mean I spent ages playing Minecraft when I first checked it out, but it was very boring. Only once I started playing with friends did it become interesting at all, so I'm still wondering how I'll go with NMS. I do manage to get by in Elite since there are missions and stuff for you to do and I enjoy the feeling of flight. I dunno.

    All my music comes out of a USB drive plugged into my car stereo. It hasn't changed in years, save for the one new album that came out two years ago so I went out and bought my first album ever (that wasn't a game soundtrack for the collection, at least) and added that to the list.

    SPACE FOOD STICKS! I loved space food sticks. I miss space food sticks.

    The climbing Uluru thing always weirded me out. Maybe I've always just been overly apathetic to this kind of thing, but even as a kid I thought why would you not want to go to the top of this mountain in the middle of nothing and take in the view :P

      I think NMS will be fine because we understand, going in, that it is kind of the point. We have hype sure, but it is grounded in a sense of knowing what we are getting ourselves into.

        Some people do :P

          "What do you mean I cant play with my friends? Its a multiplayer game!!!" - comments from Day 2 of release by people not understanding NMS.

          Its going to happen, enough people are oblivious to the world around them and just following the trend.

            Not until day 2? Generous!

              Thats because the rest of us will be too busy on Day 1 playing it. And understanding that we cant effectively play with friends mean we'll lose 20 hours or so...

              It'll be Day 2 before we start trawling the interweb for stuffs.

              Last edited 01/08/16 1:44 pm

    I like reasonably linear quests and it needs to have a sense of urgency from time to time to convince me I need to give a damn about what is happening, but I am fine if it happens in a world that is open or in areas that lend themselves to exploration, or where the completely open world is populated with interesting stuff (re: interesting, not ubisoft interesting). Think Witcher 3, think Uncharted 4 and to a lesser extent The Last of Us where some zones had things hidden away to find.

    I am not a huge fan of the way Fallout/Skyrim incorporate their quests and how AC/FC populate their worlds with content. The former because I like to, if I am on some grand quest, feel like I should be doing it with some manner of haste. Not all the time mind you, and their worlds are great but the quest pacing (not so much the quests themselves) for me is a little off. Move to Ubisoft titles and it is mostly the reverse. The quests when you are on them usually usher you along at a brisk pace, making you feel like they need your immediate attention whereas the world feels flat and uninspired, as though someone has ran an algorithm across the map that detects where some object of interest needs to be to balance out placement rather than because it would be logical to have it there. For clarity, I love AC Black flag and Syndicate as well as Skyrim (because I am not a Fallout guy)

    No Man's Hype

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