Static Podcast: Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO, Pokemon GO

In this week's episode: Pokemon Go, lies, book characters vs their movie and TV counterparts, plus we answer your question: what was the first smart (or dumb) phone you had?

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Static is sponsored by the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. You no longer need to make compromises when buying a 2-in-1 device for work and fun.

In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo Australia's Amanda Yeo, Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    My first smartphone... is the phone I have right now. Glorious Nokia 808, still running strong :P

    First ever was an 8210, back in year 10, some kind of second-hand thing granted by parents because of the whole "in case of emergencies" deal. Hardly ever used it, always lived in my school bag, etc. I miss it, would absolutely want to drop back to a dumbphone if it weren't for how often I need to use the camera to snap something. Buttons are great, and so much faster for texting. Plus no dictionary function has ever been as good as that on my 8210/8250, even the 6100 I had afterwards was more retarded and dealt with capital letters and apostrophes badly. Being able to text by feel instead of sight was great.

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