Student Makes Silly Contraption For Clean Air 

Dorm life can suck! Especially if your roommates smoke and you don't. One university student in Nanning City, China constructed a breathing contraption to combat secondhand smoke. [Via Weibo]

[Via Weibo]

[Via Weibo]

As pointed out on GameOver and Shanghai Daily, the student shares a dorm room with several smokers.

[Via Weibo]

So, he bought a fan to blow in clean air from outside the room, funnelling the air through plastic bags which are attached to his cardboard box "helmet".

[Via Weibo]

[Via Weibo]

According to Shanghai Daily, the student said he couldn't use the apparatus in cold weather, because he'd then have freezing air blowing on his face.

[Via Weibo]

[Via Weibo]

Surely, this is dangerous, no? And while I marvel at his ingenuity, I'm not sure how he sees outside the "helmet" so he can play games on his PC. That, and I don't know why his roommates can't just go outside for a smoke.

[Via Weibo]

[Via Weibo]


    I don’t know why his roommates can’t just go outside for a smoke.

    Because most smokers are really great people who are considerate and do just that or take care to stand down wind but you still come across that one asshole on a rare occasion...

    Last edited 05/07/16 8:09 pm

      Man, careful you don't cut yourself with wit that sharp :p

      +1 for considerate smokers. When I used to smoke (I'm an on and off smoker since I was 18 for the record) I always made sure I was down wind, and never blew my second hand smoke anywhere near anyone I happened to be speaking.

      That said, I've seen Chinese smokers and they can be bad in terms of considering others before themselves. Guess its the cultural difference

    you've never encountered Chinese smokers have you? The worst chain smoke and will have multiple ciggies on the go.

      Reminds me of Ren & Stimpy's 'Kowalski' character.

        'What would you like to eat Kawolski?' "MEAT"

          "THIRSTY!!! WANT DRINK!!!"

          "And what drink would you like, Kawolski?"


          "Give him a glass of meat, will you Stimpy?!"

    All I got from this is that I miss Little Fighter 2...

      OH MY GOD! I thought that his screen looked familiar! The Nostalgia...

    Clean air from outside the room.... In China???

      Probably better off standing in the cigarette smoke lol

    What would you like on your sandwich, Kowalski?


    What kind of bread would you like, Kowalski?


    What would you like to drink, Kowalski?


    Obviously he would have the front of the box cut out. Having a fan at one end would make positive air pressure inside this thing. Smoke won't come in from the other end.

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