Suikoden II Is On Sale For $4.55 What Are You Doing Why Haven’t You Bought It Yet

Suikoden II Is On Sale For $4.55 What Are You Doing Why Haven’t You Bought It Yet
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This week the PlayStation Network is holding a big sale. As a result of this, the transcendent role-playing game Suikoden II will run you a whopping $4.55. There’s really no excuse not to buy this one.

I mean, sure, buying Suikoden II means supporting a predatory pachinko manufacturer, you can only play the game on Vita/PS3 (no PS4, argh), and all of the old translation issues are still intact. But it’s not every day the greatest game of all time goes on sale for less than a frappuccino.

If you need more convincing, check out our breakdown of why it is one of the best RPGs ever made.


  • Have not bought it yet because for some silly reason its not playable on PS4. Don’t they want my money?

  • As soon as this deal was live I thought of you continually telling kirk to play it on split screen. No excuses for me, I bought both 1 & 2 for the vita 😀

  • Why would I buy a game that has translation issues? Could you please be more specific so that I can assess if the issues are a deal-breaker or not?

  • There are simply a few parts in some conversations that come off a little odd as they were translated poorly. Nothing too dramatic and doesn’t take you out of the game too much. If you haven’t played this game and are even half considering it, jump on it.

  • Question. Do you need to play one before two story wise? Or can I just skip to two?

    • The main reason to play 1 before 2 is that you can import your save file from 1 and eventually recruit the protagonist of 1 as a bonus character in 2.

      Otherwise, the story in 2 is pretty much self-contained. There are some returning characters but I don’t think there’s anything you really need to know that isn’t also explained in 2.

  • Last time I checked the greatest game of all time is Burger Time Deluxe closely followed by The Firemen on SNES.

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