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    Morning all! How did your weekend go?

    I managed to finish both Firewatch and Her Story. Played Her Story with my wife and it was really a good experience. I would recommend both.

    Apart from that it was actually nice in Canberra for once so ventured into the great outdoors for some sun and adventures

      I started playing Her story with my wife as well. I think it broke her brain. Need to find the time to get back into it

        We completed it in two big sessions - that helped put everything together. Little bursts might have been too much for us!

          Well we did a bit over an hour the first time
          Story spoilersI think the moment we worked out that it was 2 different people being interviewed really broke her brain. She will be fine with it but we just need that time to sit down and work it out. As you say it is probably going to be a bigger session when she is in the mood, rather than little bits and pieces.

    Good morning TAY

    How was your weekend?

    Get your votes in? Get a sausage?

    I got two, so good!

    I'm all caught up on Welcome to Night Vale, so I think, due to withdrawals, and an obsessive nature, that I am going to rebinge listen to it all again.

    Last song played game!!

    One more Weekend by Against the Current

    Who's a Good Boy Part 2 - Welcome to Night Vale

    Who's a good boy? Is it you?

      Got my democracy sausage although was certainly feeling the price of democracy

      Not sure on the last song, pretty sure it was from Tiglet's playlist

      I wish I could get normal sausages over here. They're all frankfurters or polish sausages or are smoked. I mean, nothing wrong with a good Kielbasa in a bun but it's not the same. :(

      Theatrical Delirium by Beyond Creation

      Painful weekend of explaining to people how voting works and what a hung parliament is. No sausages, no cakes. What a ripoff.

    Morning all. How was your weekend?
    Got almost a whole day yesterday to play games. I chose Valkyria Chronicles and got all the way to the desert levels. Unfortunately I've discovered I have a compulsive need to 100% this game and even if I beat the level I want that A Rank so I redo it.
    Long story short Alivia is an absolute champion and can win most levels solo for me

    Played some RB6V2 over the weekend. I'd forgotten how rough those games are. Enjoying it but I think I'll only stick with it if I can play some T-Hunt with friends. Debating playing Banner Saga 2 which was also free on Xbox GWG. Apparently you can import saved from BS1 which I haven't played, or use "pre-set" characters, which I'm dubious about. Also not sure if I'll even like the game.

    Finished watching Community. That show never really got it's energy back after season 3, huh? I know shows evolve and there were a lot of episodes I liked, but I'm also kind of glad it ended - the ending was pretty good, bittersweet in the right way.

    Also finished watching Fury Road, which I started a few weeks ago then got interrupted. For a movie that was one long car chase it was pretty good but I didn't feel it lived up to the hype. A lot of the characterisation was really good. I liked how Max and Furiosa recognised that they were working together without having to have a real discussion about it, just mutual respect. Nux's turn and my investment in his arc was surprisingly well played. But when it was all over and the good guys had control of the citadel and the water I just felt kind of deflated, like what was the point? I really enjoyed the action and I'm glad I watched it, but in the end I kind of felt like the story it told wasn't that interesting.

    My first build that I'll be putting a deposit on today:
    CPU: Intel Core i5-6600 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor ($306.00 @ Umart)
    Motherboard: MSI B150M MORTAR Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($139.00 @ CPL Online)
    Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory ($98.00 @ IJK)
    Storage: Samsung 250GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($99.00 @ Umart)
    Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($68.00 @ CPL Online)
    Video Card: Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 8GB PHOENIX Video Card
    Case: Thermaltake Versa H25 ATX Mid Tower Case ($58.30 @ Newegg Australia)
    Power Supply: Corsair 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
    Keyboard: Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle Wired Gaming Keyboard w/Optical Mouse ($44.00 @ CPL Online)
    Total: $812.30
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-07-04 10:09 AEST+1000

      Doesn't look like it's included a price for the GTX 1070 (almost as much again...) or the PSU.

        Yeah for some reason it didn't but all good as I sorted that with MSY.

    Hola Tayberinos

    (Another) busy weekend. Friday night went into the city to get a suit fitted to hire for a mate's wedding- he's gonna look pretty swish. Went and drunk gin after, because gin.

    Saturday, walked to a local Primary school and exercised my democratic duty. Numbered all the boxes so I could put Cory Bernardi last. School had no democracy sausages so walked to a nearby Masters and had my democracy sausage there.

    Sat Arvo went to a mate's place for his birthday. He wanted old-school gaming, so I took my PS3 loaded with Crash Team Racing. Played Magic and games, then due to a catering mishap had to do a mercy run to a late night supermarket for barbecue meat, and ran into an old uni mate who's just finished his doctorate in astrophysics. Partied till about 1am.

    Sunday, did a spotlight run to get fabric for my waistcoat for my Bloodborne costume, matched the pattern pretty well. Hopefully will start it tomorrow night.

    Game wise, played more of Mirror's Edge Catalyst yesterday. The Plot is frankly nonsense, and the open world has lead to too many cancerous collectables (There's 5 different types, and most aren't interesting). Running is fun though, and I don't hate the combat as much as others seem to.

    A Monday Morning Question: Mirror's Edge has a nonsense plot in a bargain basement dystopia. Which dystopian settings do you think are ludicrous?

      +1 for Crash Team Racing, best kart racing game I ever played

      Saturday, walked to a local Primary school and exercised my democratic duty. Numbered all the boxes so I could put Cory Bernardi last.

      Under the new system, it's better to not number people you hate as if your vote exhausts they get nothing. But it probably doesn't matter too much if you've numbered the lot - if you've numbered more than around 30 boxes it's pretty unlikely the slate won't be full by that many preferences. :)

      That said, if he were on my ballot I'd want to put him last.

      Think I got to 39 before I stopped.

      School had no democracy sausages so walked to a nearby Masters and had my democracy sausage there.

      I had a democracy sausage roll. It was very oily and I was not impressed so I had a Bunnings snag (local girl guides ftw!) on my walk home.

      A Monday Morning Question: Mirror's Edge has a nonsense plot in a bargain basement dystopia. Which dystopian settings do you think are ludicrous?

      The UK. Australia. The USA. ;)

      Last edited 04/07/16 11:12 am

        Oh, my vote will be allocated in like the first 5 preferences. If we're allocating 64th preferences in a vote count, something's gone very wrong.

          Only 64? We had over 100 this time... and some git had tied knots in the pencil string which meant I only had about half the booth, and I'm left handed so it was the wrong half. "Challenging". :)

          It's pretty expected that most counts will need to go down to the 20s or so for the last spot in a normal senate half-election, but this time with the low quota (only around 7% with VIC's 12 senators) I'm wondering if they'll need to go very far at all. That's why I'm still baffled that Turnbull thought that a full senate election would solve anything, minor parties are way more likely to get through with such a low quota before preferences are even in play.

            I think the double dissolution call is going to go down as one of the great political own-goals. Ostensibly to solve his "feral senate" problem, he's managed to make it...more fractured.

              Yep. The funny thing is the Senate's been working exactly as designed, as a brake on rubber stamping bad legislation and as a house of review. If there's a major bill that has wide public support that's failing to get past the Senate that's one thing, but a minor bill that's of low profile and dubious benefit isn't really supposed to be a trigger...

              Pauline Hanson. Well if she gets her wish for a Royal Commission into climate science, I'll be laying on the popcorn. It'll be about as damning to her denialist matesas the judgement in Kitzmiller v. Dover was to the creationists ("breathtaking inanity" was the money quote from that one...).

                She wants a royal commission into Islam as well.

                Fuck off.

                  Does she know what a royal commission is? What they hell does she want the royal commission to work out as far as Islam goes? Is religion true? Does god exist?

                  @tigerion I imagine by "royal commission into islam" she really means "Go on a hate-filled witch hunt in parliament and bleat and moan about Halal vegemite"

                  Which, I may point out, is essentially what the Halal inquiry was

                  Oh! Oh yes!


      A Monday Morning Question: Mirror's Edge has a nonsense plot in a bargain basement dystopia. Which dystopian settings do you think are ludicrous?>

      The apocalypse rolled around and leveled almost everything. Due to the advent of super-powers in humans, complete annihilation was averted.

      Japan is now an ultra-high-tech, police-state dystopia/utopia(depends who you ask), run by teenagers with super-powers who refine their skills in luxury high schools which are perfectly ordinary apart from deciding everything from minor misunderstandings to entire school department funding by way of super-power duels between children.

        Trying to figure out if you're referencing something specific or not...

          I'm pretty sure what I described is its own fucking genre by now.

      The world(s) of Mad Max: batshit insane (but that's a very hefty part of what I love about it).

    This signal failure in Sydney has annihilated my train trip. Buses for the city circle now. Actual worst.

      Signal failures there too eh? In Melbourne it's just expected nowadays. When trains in Melbourne are 100% functioning and on time, you wonder what poor sod was sacrificed to make that possible, because it can only be done through unholy means

        Absolute rubbish, there's nothing unholy about it...

        It's simply the lunar cycle. Trains work on full moons, and full moons only.

          So our train network is worked on by werewolves?! Heresy!

            Yes. That's why they're always talking about the silver bullet for Melbourne's transport woes...

            *gets coat*

    So far so good on the new Stellaris playthrough with the new patch. Many things got adjusted and changed, liking it all so far, embassies made diplomacy way too easy, now you actually gotta try to get other empires on your side since that mechanic was removed. You now gain favour with other races through agreements like non-aggression pacts etc. My holy mushrooms, the "Holy Arm of the Shruumi" are the most peaceful, and currently the most powerful in the galaxy at the moment xD. Can't wait for my fleet to get strong enough to crush the Xenophobic Fallen Empire while I control almost a whole third of the galaxy.

    My space C'thulu race had control of almost half of the galaxy, enslaving all who stood in their way. Laser weaponry beats plasma fire when you jump out of hyperspace right in the middle of their fleet. My first opponent who declared war on me had over 5k more fleet power, yet the surprise attack from my fleet (Completely by accident) just wrecked almost a third of their fleet before they could even land their shots back on me. I watched in astonishment despite them being outgunned, Space C'thulu (Or the "Empire of C'thagn" as I called them) crushed them beneath their boots and begun capturing and enslaving their population in response. They since took their home planet while a combat air patrol was fighting on the side to destroy all spaceports that could be found in their territory.

    Decided to revisit a couple of games I'd dismissed a while back - Solus Project and Path of Exile. I'd originally stopped playing Solus Project less than 30 minutes in due to motion sickness, and it was still there this time - the usual culprits (low FOV, motion blur, head bobbing) weren't the issue, but I think I narrowed it down this time around - your walk speed is directly linked to your viewing pitch. I can't fathom why the devs thought that'd be a good idea, but I found I had no issues whatsoever as long as I didn't look too far up or down while moving. Played for about 8 hours, and am completely engrossed by the story.

    Started Path of Exile where I'd left off - just before the Act One boss, with a haphazard set of skill gems (for anyone who's not played, it's basically Diablo 2, but all of your active skills come from gems you socket into your gear, rather than a skill tree unlocked by levelling up; levelling unlocks points for the passive skill tree). Decided to start concentrating on maximising fire damage, found a fire-weakness curse gem which fitted my plan nicely, and a mana-cost-reduction gem, and curse/firestorm combo'd my way through to the end of Act IV. Still not sold on the "gain skills through item drops" mechanic, as it makes the start extremely dull/slow, makes progression unpredictable, and things tend to steamroll (and hence get very samey) once you get a good synergy. But maybe it'll lose its effectiveness at higher difficulties, by which point I'll have a decent selection of gems to make a more viable build.

      I quite liked Path of exile, but not enough to truly commit to it

    Morning, TAY.
    I slept later than usual this morning.
    Planned to get up at 9am, and it's 11:45am.
    Way to go, me. :/

    Good morning. I spent most of my weekend sanding, playing overwatch and drawing.
    Here's the latest image of my WIP in case you don't have twitter

      Wow that's awesome

        Thanks. I'm still trying to sand your leg down, but I've reached a point in places where it must be done by hand as I've managed to sand through the cardboard a bit. It'll still be fine to fiberglass, I just need to be careful.

          I see, fair enough.
          I hit a bit of a snag with my final parts, Officeworks apparently have had 300GSM paper on backorder for the past 5-6 weeks and barely any stores in Victoria have any left, though they did say to try the one in QV as they still apparently had some left, I'll be dropping in there tonight.

            Seems like the world is against us making this armor =P Are you happy to bondo while I fiberglass?

              I've never used it before, so I'm worried I'll screw it up...

                I'll show you how on the leg I have

      =O very cool! A lot more detail than your usual sketches as well!

        It's because it's a different style of drawing, which requires a lot more detail

      Have you been playing Competitive? I started playing and got to level 54, had three games in a row where someone left in my team and we just couldn't win :(

        Yeah, they really need to fix it

    Someone's going to have to explain Batmang vs Superman to me.
    Explain it to me like I'm Zack Snyder and I literally don't know anything about the DC universe.

      It's simple, it's about 40 trailers/pilots released on one handy Blu-ray disc.

      They hated each other until a coincidence made them friends.

      I guess more specifically:
      1. Why is Batmang straight up murdering people?
      2. What is Wonderwoman's meaningful function in the film? Apart from delaying the Big Bad for a bit, she could have probably be replaced with an inanimate kryptonian rod to the same effect?
      3. How do you find Luthor's portrayal personally? I was under the impression he was sort of calm, collected but more of a Sociopath, rather than outright insane.
      4. What's the deal with the dream sequence within a dream sequence?
      5. Why is Wonderwoman fighting in WWI in her outfit?
      6. Can... the sun's cosmic rays legit heal Superman after being nuked? Is that how it works?
      7. Does the world know Clark Kent is Superman at the end?

      Like, I'm not being snarky (well, maybe a little), I just don't understand the significance of some of these things and I feel like I'm missing out on understanding it.

        Having only watched the first fifty minutes:

        1. I think Batman's lost it since the death of Robin, so he's now 100% anger, and 200% fury. The bit I find weird is that he's clearly been Batmanning for aaaaages, and yet people act like he's still this mysterious presence. Weird, weird weird.
        2. Universe Building. Gotta tease all those tie-ins. And in relation to point 5, I think the WW movie is set in WW2, so it's just a nod to that. This universe's reaction to superheroes doesn't seem to make much sense though.
        3. He was playing up the "madness" thing as an attempt to manipulate people, so far as I could tell, but it just didn't work for me. He just doesn't feel threatening as a villain, despite the fact that he's clearly manipulating things, and is the film's villain.
        4. Shut up, that's why.
        6. Shut up, that's why.
        7. Shut up, that's why.

        1) Batman's gone nuts after a Robin got offed. Hopefully it gets toned down now that "Superman has given him hope" because FFS really Batman shouldn't be a butcher. Shouldn't use guns, either, because for most of his existence he's hated using them.
        2) Wonder woman is there because batman vs Doomsday is an even dumber matchup than Batman v Superman. She's a heavy hitter and she's also "look at us we're franchising!"
        3) Luthor is usually smarter and less manic than he was here. Eisenberg was fine, the role just didn't hit Luthor for me. Spacey is probably my favourite Luthor.
        4) see 2). LOOK AT US WE'RE FRANCHISING JUST LIKE MARVEL AREN'T WE GREAT?! The Flash thing probably wasn't actually a dream but will loop back in Justice League.
        5) Wonder woman is old, like real old. She's made out of clay so is ageless, hence, the WWI thing. The WW movie is going to be set in WWI, presumably Steve Trevor is gonna crash on paradise island during the war.
        6) Supes gets healed from the sun, always has. The specific "nuke and heal" thing is yet another thing that Snyder ripped from Dark Knight Returns (which is where most of the Batman stuff here comes from, which doesn't really work if this is the first Batman we've seen)
        7) No. Hence the two funerals.

        Their Batman is based heavily on the crazier, brutal Dark Knight Returns Batman. The book is a fan favourite and as a stand alone story it's definitely worth reading. It's set sort of post-Justice League. He's quit being Batman, he's faced all the horrors, he's seen the fallout, and he's broken. They actually did a good job of putting that character on the screen, it's just sort of a poor direction to go in. Like the animated version of Dark Knight Returns it suffers from not having the internal commentary. He says what he's thinking a few times and they do the flashbacks but the character doesn't really work if you can't get inside his head (unless you just want to see a right-wing nuts hyper-violent vigilante fantasy).
        I don't think he's actually murdering anyone. The same way Superman clears up that he didn't actually kill that threatening Lois even though he clearly turned him into a smudge on the wall.

        As for 7, no, that's why Clark has a quiet little thing while the rest of the world has huge Superman events. The idea is that the idea of Superman brings out the best in people all over the world. It doesn't really make a huge amount of sense though considering this version of Superman just rocks up and does a shitty job for a few years. His impact as Superman on this world is mostly just shock, rather than the deep and meaningful impact that he has in comics.
        At the very least it inspires their Batman to be less Dark Knight Returns and more The Animated Series. If it wasn't for that they'd be stuck using a bitter old Batman with no more room for character development before he even got his first solo movie.

        When broken up into individual scenes lot of it makes sense on some level. It draws from some really good sources and has some good ideas. There's just a lot of bad decisions underneath it all and some poor execution. Man of Steel suffered from similar problems. Ie, the basic idea of the Kents in Man of Steel was great, but they way they did it made admitting they don't have all the answers came across as 'you should let kids die so nobody ever finds out you're special'. I feel like a good writer and director could make an amazing movie using nothing but Man of Steel/Batman V Superman ideas.

        Personally I just find it frustrating that they went straight for the spectacle fight of Superman vs Batman instead of doing a good, solid Batman/Superman story. If you want to trick some rubes into seeing the movie make it about a fight, but if you want to make something that showcases what people see in the source material make it a Batman/Superman team-up.

    @jocon @distantdrop So you guys may or may not be aware there's been quite a lot going on my end these past few months and I've been struggling to kind of find my footing as it were to keep me grounded. In my attempts to do that I keep coming back to WoW and the community we had there last xpac. With everything that's happened since the last time I visited this topic I think it's something I'd like to rebuild.

    I know both of you have your own views/goals with the next xpac but I thought I'd ask here first before I started the process.

      Any good news on the life front for you? Sounds like you need some.

      As for wow I've signed up the druid I'm gonna boost with the guild my cousin was in for prog raiding. I expect there will be tryouts for the final teams but as the only Balance druid they have so far in a melee heavy community I'm reasonably confident.
      But Trenchant or that monk is free for casual whatevers.
      The people in the guild seem pretty cool and I expect you'd be welcome even if you don't want to prog. They have all sorts of players.

        In my experience the only good news you get in life is the kind you make on your own. I guess at this point that's pretty much what I'm trying to do.

        Let me know how things work out with the guild come xpac but it's probably worth sticking with them for progression as you're likely to suffer burnout if you repeat fights on multiple lockouts. I'll look at getting the guild up and running and start recruiting in a few weeks; internet's still being sorted post move.

        I'm going to be looking at this as casual progression with a hardcore attitude; 4 hours per week over 2 days/nights. Hopefully once things get underway I'd like to step down as RL and just focus on running the guild/recruiting.

        Probably also get a vent/TS server up at the end of this month as well.

      I've already had the experience of being in a progression guild and i'm too crap of a player to be in a Mythic guild so nowadays I just prefer to stick casual so if you want to hit some walls again with noobs I'm totally down.

        See above post about what I'm thinking/looking at and if you're still keen and if there's days/times you prefer. I was thinking about one weekday evening + 1 weekend morning/night.

          Sounds like a pipe dream, hardcore progression? 4 hrs a week? you'll need exceptionally fast adapting players and I would assume those players don't gamble when joining guilds so recruiting them with 0 Cred sounds hard.

            Not hardcore progression, casual progression hardcore attitude =P Translation for those 4 hours a week we don't go into the raid for sightseeing but we go in there to clear a fight and progress. Progression in a casual time-frame. It's do-able if the group mentality is to tackle it with progression in mind.

            Also I'm not going to to look to grow fast but rather look at growing a stable roster with the right people. If this means we pug to start I'm not too fussed. I mean pugging normal is a joke these days anyways, it's the same as running LFR.

    So the weekend, kind of a blur.
    Went into work late on Friday as I had to take Mrs Tigs to the doctors as she is still feeling sick. So ended up getting into my meeting about an hour late. Then 30 minutes in I got an urgent call from Mrs Tigs who had a bad reaction to the medication and was curled up in fetal position with stomach cramps. So rushed home and took her back to the doctors. They ended up giving her a different thing I haven't seen which was originally a paramedic only inhaler thing.
    So proud of how good Tiglet was, would keep on checking on her mummy and then just played in her room. Were worried she was going to freak out but dealt with it like a champ.

    Saturday we had Tiglet besties' birthday so was to nice and she had lots of fun. Ended up working until 1am trying to catch up on what I missed Friday.
    Sunday we did a morning visit to the cafe and Tiglet was very impressed that there was a doggie in the garden. The rest of the day was just easy, reading books, watching videos and running around. Ended up working until 1am trying to catch up on what I missed Friday.

    I aten't ded.

    Stardew Valley good game.


    - No seriously fashion choices at these events are fucking weird.
    - Music was alright. EDM's not my thing. The big names were good, though.
    - WHAT'S THAT SATURDAY GOT A ALL ACCESS PASS LET'S FUCKING GO- wait what I can't go backstage. Or side of the stages. I can get into the VIP section but I can't get served there? What the fuck is this pass?

    TL;DR: Nothing happened.

    Last edited 04/07/16 2:37 pm

    I've been playing some competitive Overwatch and I have to ask, why are there people who don't understand the mode? I would think that people playing in this mode would know how the game is played and focus on team composition. Instead I still get Torbjorn players smacking their turret against Reinhardt.

    I finished the original Destiny content and it was still the most nothing experience I've had in a long time.
    I walk through a door and my ghost asks, "Can you defeat a God?"
    I'm like, "No? Who? What God? Why am I even here?". Then I shot 3 statues alongside triumphant music that implies I'm doing something important.

    I know a lot of people keep saying that The Taken King fixes all the problems, but I really don't feel like playing more of this game.

    I also finished The Banner Saga. I don't know, I was expecting more from this. The way people talked it seemed like every choice was super difficult and really made a huge difference, except only a couple did. A lot of fights were really limited and samey, although I did like the maps that changed up the scenery.

      Tbh Banner Saga hasn't aged all that well; in the context of when it was released the game was quite amazing; however I tried to replay it a few months back in anticipation of the sequel and juts found myself fatigued at the experience.

      The only thing I can say is a stand out in the game even with age is the artwork and animation.

        For me, it was the horrible decisions and the sheer lack of any of the resources I need. I spent nearly all my battles with horrific morale because I'd stupidly trusted some randoms who joined up for a while, only to discover a few battles/missions/story beats later that they'd nicked off in the dead of night with all our fucking food.

        Shit got real desperate real fast, after that, and it stayed there. The whole game was basically about clawing our way back from the brink.

    You know I seriously don't get the media. Pauline Hanson is getting more news coverage than either of the major party leaders and she's a single bloody seat. Yes it boggles the mind she even won but at least she's not the leader for one of our major political parties like Trump is.

      Because she gave a press conference today and her policy positions deserve scrutiny? Because she is likely to be one of the senators holding the balance of power? Because like it or not like 9% of Queensland voted her in and despite our distaste the reasons behind that should be addressed?

        But they aren't really addressing the reasons behind her policies are they? They're giving her credibility and a soap box to stand on and adding a loudspeaker to the mix. Out of all the articles I've read not a one appears to accurately capture how/why she won voters. And if her policies are the only indication then 9% of the state is taking the first steps to creating an Australian Neo-Nazi party.

        I would like to know how many people had her has a preference vote just because they're so completely disillusioned and fed up with the existing status quo. Is she really a representation of the people who voted for or is she just a protest vote by people increasingly losing faith in the system as it is. Do any of the so called news articles actually publish anything to analyze the disease or are they happy to get clickbait attention grabbing articles out for the symptoms.

        You say 9% of the state voted for her yet if the amount of time we read about her since this election would make people think the whole state voted for her. There will always be a portion of the population that is bigoted/racist and intolerant. I mean if there wasn't we wouldn't have a majority of the world's religions since there'd be no one to sell to.

        My point is her views don't need the airtime they're getting as they're pulling the conversation away from the parties that actually do represent a majority of voters. The news is focusing on her for shock and awe value.

        Edit: I also fail to see how her policy on immigration is any less pervasive than the coalition's; at least she has the gall to be openly racist/intolerant while the liberal party does it passively.

        Last edited 04/07/16 5:51 pm

        I despair of the reasons behind One Nation's rise actually being addressed.

        People are just rolling their eyes and saying, "Ugh, racists," without accepting that racism itself isn't the underlying problem. (It's A problem, but not the underlying problem.) There are real issues which need to be solved, which are making these people dissatisfied. Racism is the defective thinking that causes them to pick the wrong target to blame for their problems.

        Shutting down the racism won't make the dissatisfaction go away. It will not stop the rising discontent. Things will still be bad for them.

        But because there's this dismissive attitude of, "Ugh, you lot are racists, so anything you say should be ignored," the real problems causing the protest will go unaddressed.

        And frankly, I believe the establishment is a great fucking deal responsible for the rise of this racism. Racism is about casting blame in the wrong place. And who's responsible for that? A big part of that is in the hands of those responsible for the problems. Those who are actually to blame for the problems of the lower class (the wealthy who are interested only in concentrating all wealth into their own hands) are incredibly adept and very well-practiced at absolving themselves of that blame. So if the people who ARE to blame manufacture a narrative where they won't be blamed, who IS to blame? Because in the eyes of the affected, there must be blame. The anger, the dissatisfaction with circumstances is real.

        The holders of power washing their hands of it all and rolling their eyes, "Ugh, those hicks, amirite?" is the worst denial of responsibility for this mess.

          This exactly. And news media is no better in how they look at this issue. Racism is a symptom not the disease; and it's too easy to dismiss it away with a judgemental attitude. The issue in my opinion is an increasingly disenfranchised lower-middle class looking for someone to blame and they don't realize how much of this blame and can/should be placed at the feet of our leaders. Since the GFC economies have been held together with spit and duct tape with the wealthy increasingly consolidating their hold on wealth.

      Saw this literally 2 seconds later

    Maybe warming up a little bit to that FLCL sequel that was announced a while back. At AX this weekend they announced that the character designer (Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - see also Evangelion, Nadia, Gunbuster, The Girl Who Leapt Though Time, Summer Wars etc.) will be back to do all the character design work on the sequel. More importantly, The Pillows will be doing the music. They were a big part of what made the original work so well and be so memorable and they've released like 15 albums since FLCL so there's a huge body of work to pull from too.

    Evening TAY people. Any recommendations on Grim Dawn? Diablo esc hack'n'slash I'm currently eyeing off after seeing a Diablo 3 streamer playing it on Twitch.

    Speaking of, back to watching SGDQ I go!

      It is on my wishlist but haven't played it. But one of my friends gifted me Victor Vran during the sale so will be a while before I get another clicky clicky death game

    Hey phone peeps
    Should I get a Nexus 5x, Xperia Z5 or Galaxy S6

      The 5X is awesome from what i've seen. So my vote is for that.

        The bloke at the Telstra shop made the same recommendation. Interesting

          They also get the longest standing support from Google. So that's just another reason why I would go for a Nexus device.

      Had a galaxy for a while, will never go Samsung ever again.
      Typing this on an older Xperia. It's not bad but has not aged well and the Sony soft/bloatware is crappy and annoying. Probably gonna go something else next.

      Avoid a samsung. Lots of bloatware and the battery dies in a day. It's what made me go windows phone. I didn't regret it.

        Recommend me a windows phone? Mid range, decent ram?

          I'm currently on the 640. Just the normal one, not XL. I haven't had any issues with it.
          However, it's not windows 10 ready yet. I would suggest going for something newer.
          The 650 is the next one up. I would suggest go that. It's the same price bracket as the 640

        Yeah, I'm on a Windows Phone and aside from the odd problem with app availability it's pretty solid. Although I'll admit I don't really do much with my phone beyond text messages, music, e-mail and phone calls. Sometimes I'll look something up online or use the navigation apps.
        For me the main advantage is the calendar synchronisation with Windows 10. I just wish they'd bring the XBOX One into that loop. I'd love to have my phone docked on my desk, transferring all alerts to the XBOX One and Windows 10 PC.

      I'm really liking the Xperia Z5 I picked up in December. Only issue really is that the battery life isn't amazing - if you use the thing hard it'll give you maybe 8-9 hours. But I was migrating from a Lumia so the only way it could have gone was up, plus it's not apples-to-apples on the battery life because Windows Phone has no apps you could actually waste the battery with.

      Objectively the Samsung is a better specced phone, but the Xperia has a much nicer look and feel to it IMO, plus the OS itself is way less filled with shitty bloatware.

        That was one of the main benefits I saw with the nexus that is came with no bloatware

          The Sony-specific additions seem to be a fairly minimal theme, Playstation Store app & Remote Play app, and a better keyboard because the standard Android keyboards are shit.

            Same question I asked Red, how do you find the camera?

              Performs well enough I guess. It's no SLR but it's okay. I took some photos on it a few weeks ago when I was sightseeing in Seattle with Mum, can upload some? I have some on Twitter, eg Seattle City & Mt Rainier from the Space Needle.

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