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    Morning fellow tayters!

    The weather was fairly crap here in Brisbane over the weekend, but you cold still see the eerie phone-lit faces of pokemon go players in the parks at night.

    I was staying indoors due to an annoying bout of tonsillitis, but the rustling of grass taunted me so.

    I did make my player two wii u fight stick, so at least I had company in my misery.

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      Wow that's pretty amazing. You should stay indoors all the time. Well done. I'm in Brisbane too. Hope you feel better.

    Howdy. Just got back from overseas yesterday, pushing through the jetlag and the backlog of work emails. Thankfully the wheels haven't fallen off the wagon in my absence so it should be cruisey today.

    Serious overwatch cravings though.

    And, is anyone really sick of all the Pokemon Go that's been clogging up the social media feeds? Or is it just me?

      Morning all.

      I had a smashing weekend. My son turns 2 today so we had a little party to celebrate.

      Pokemon Go, I'm ok with the fun people are having. Not too interested in playing it but it's harmless fun. Better than some other fads that hit the social media.

      I asked my friends kid, who's 13, if he wanted to be Playstation friends and he basically laughed in my face. Told me we wouldn't play the same games. A year ago he would've been keen but now he's 13 and cool. Man I felt like a tool. I forgot that I'm his dad's age and very, very uncool to a 13 year old. Made me want to commit the next year to FPS games till I'm I can play against him online and destroy him. But that... will never happen. I'll just be smarter next time and keep my mouth shut, and remember my age.

        You need to rek that scrub! :D

        And at least pokemon go is more respectable than clash of clans, farming, etc.

        Eh, if that's his attitude then you're probably better off not playing games with him.

        Oh Geez Dad, your friends are soooooooooooooo embarrassing

    I went ice-skating for the first time ever on the weekend. I didn't fall down, but I was doing laps around the centre while holding my partner's hand. I feel like that's a win.

    But why do so many bloody people who are standing on the outside watching feel the need to hold the damn hand rails? They're not at risk of falling over. Everyone on the inside is, and they need the hand rail.

      My wife has never been ice skating either. Its something I've tried to address several times, but she will fall down and she will get hurt.

      And she laughed at my recommendation of a pillow down the pants, but that's no joke!

        It really isn't. Especially on warmer days when the corners of the rink have more potholes than a standard road.

          Dunno where you went, but this reminds me of when I competed at Blacktown. That ring was a swimming pool! No word of a lie, there were 2 inches of water sitting on top of the ice! And that, of course, made it impossible to see the potholes in the surface of the ice! Worst rink EVER!

          I was just about to say this; it can actually be harder to skate near the rails because ice tends to melt around the edges and has potholes and is also harder to skate on due to water.

    Mornin' all. Had an okay weekend, didn't work Friday for once though which was nice.

    Also found out I should get my tax tomorrow which means i'll be putting the $$ towards this to replace my current HTPC/NAS.

    Finished Sunset Overdrive. The ending sort of crept up on me because I was expecting to do a lot more of the tower defence parts to level up my various amps, which were all level one. On one hand, I'm glad I didn't have to do more of the tower defence because I didn't like it very much, but on the other hand, the fact I had no obvious way to level up my amps was a huge oversight.

    Apparently, and I discovered this only by googling afterwards, in each of the four main bases there is a pile of something, and when you walk up to it and inspect it, your amp upgrade dude (Floyd?) will tell you to go collect five of that thing. When presumably you upgrade your vats, do another (presumably harder) run of the tower defence/brewing sequence, and bam, your amps get upgraded. Even though I've finished the campaign, I might do that at least once while I'm going around looking for collectibles.

    As for the campaign, it was a lot of fun. The missions got a bit repetitive and the game itself made plenty of fourth wall jokes about that, but I mean, at the end of the day doing something while pointing out the irony of it doesn't chance the fact you're doing it. Still, I had a lot of fun once I got the hang of the combat, the music was great, it was was bright and colourful, and the weapons were all a nice mix of goofy and effective. I finished the game with a few reliable staples then went back to try out some of the guns I was a bit dubious about and in retrospect I wish I'd given them more of a chance. I didn't try out ANY of the deployable weapons but the acid sprinkler was surprisingly effective for thinning/weakening the herd and I'm sure I would have benefitted from the turret helicopters and proximity mines too. For some reason I kept the "High Fidelity" record launcher weapon that you start with through the entire game despite the fact that even fully levelled up it barely tickles later game enemies.

    In short, if Sunset Overdrive had any failing it was that what it offered was so different to other sandbox games that trying out these new features was something of a leap of faith for me as the player, and in the early stages while you're learning how to play, it was quite a tough game so I wasn't open to experimentation. That might be a failing on me as a player, but I think more could have been done to promote the weapon variety. On the upside, dying repeatedly gave me access to a plethora of respawn animations, which because I didn't die THAT often, I'm not even sure I saw any repeated ones, so maybe there are some I didn't see at all. Also amusing is the fact that when you fast travel (something that for some reason the game started really pressuring me to do later in the game with my character saying "man, I'm so glad I can fast travel" whenever an objective was more than 1km away) the main character gets black out drunk then wakes up in a porta potty at the chosen destination.

    I have to commend the character designs. There was a truly diverse range of characters who all contributed meaningfully to the story in their own ways, even the quadruple amputee scout leader. Despite the fact that most people seemed to take the apocalypse in stride, their character motivations were relatively relatable. I loved the reckless abandon of the protagonist which reminded me, favourably, of Saint's Row in it's heyday. Maybe it was because I played a petite female with wild hair in both games, but this almost felt like I was playing the same character, perhaps the wild college years of the woman who'd later become leader of the Fourth Street Saints and later of the free world. The clothing variety was pretty cool, there was some pretty outrageous costume ideas, but I spent the bulk of the game in a stained cheerleader skirt and corset with pink and blue angel wings, which looked equally awesome when I tried switching the model to a huge brute of a man.

    Finally, how great was the final boss of the game. So great. That's how great.

    Continued mulling over whether to take the plunge and get Tokyo Mirage Sessions... Anybody played /playing it? Is it like Persona? What about the social aspects? There is annoyingly little information online about it...

    Almost finished Valkyria Chronicles so I'll need a new game soon.

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      I stalled out on it in the third dungeon (this is not an indictment of the game, I had to move my Wii U and I'm woefully slack at playing games). It's more SMT than Persona, the character stuff is mostly relegated to side missions, as opposed to the time managementy system from Persona, so you're encouraged to do a main dungeon, then spend some time doing side stuff, and when you've cleaned that up go and do the next main dungeon. Its story and writing are fun (but lame, very heavy handed, a good choice if you wish to poke fun at it), it looks nice, and the combat feels fairly similar to Persona's (though I haven't played an SMT, so it may be exactly the same there).

      Overall, it's pretty good, I'd recommend it.

    Morning TAY!

    Anyone get hit by the Steam outage over the weekend? We had a player try to reconnect during a game of Dota and ended up waiting ages for him... thankfully the other team was patient and we told jokes until the guy came back.... after which the opposition proceeded to put our mouths on the curb and stomp repeatedly.


    "servers are busy"


    @distantdrop red just checking in to see if you decided what you wanted to play for legion? If you want to get out of tanking let me know so i can amend our recruitment post.

    Holy crap, the EVO Street Fighter V hype vid is so cringeworthy...

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    TAY Pathfinder on tonight at 8pm AEST and 7:30pm ACST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    There's a giant crab outside, you've just killed some monstrous crab-lobster things, and Lundgredolph is eating a crab. At least it's a change from fish.

    Let me know if you guys are fine to play tonight.

      Yes; but I get to keep any and all treasure we find.

      No, I take that back. That would be very shellfish of me.

        We should challenge him to Claw Plock! *Clack clack-clack*

      I'll have to do a recount on what charges I have left in casting since those numbers were saved on my PC that's still out of commission. I should be there ready for tonight though

      ... a giant enemy crab?

      I hope that @beeawwb used his ability to tell everyone to hit it in its weak point for massive damage.

        Well he did identify it, we just couldn't flip him over, he was too busy greasing up Freeze

          And making everything FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!

            You make things fabulous, then I make them *Jazz hands* FAAAAAAALAMMMING!
            Drewan calls it "The Disco Inferno" :)

            Last edited 19/07/16 8:54 am

              @negativezero - Combo attack: Drewan used Glitterdust to cover the invisible sorcerer with unremoveable glitter, Dem'nion set him on fire once he could be seen. :D

    Hi everyone! Tried Gat out of Hell on the weekend... I don't remember SR4 being this hard. Tried out the new Vulkan patch for Doom, and couldn't get it below 100fps on ultra, mostly sticking to 115-120 XD So I figured, hey, why not see how this fares in surround? 5760x1080 on ultra, running a little shakily around 55fps... and gave me extreme motion sickness. Do not recommend. Kinda wondering how they're going to do Doom's VR mode, now - seems like it'd be absolutely nauseating...

    Did a quick playthrough of Limbo Saturday night before starting Inside on Sunday. More games need achievements that are physical objects in the game - love that aspect of PD's games. And holy crap, Inside is beautiful. Warning: Spoilers for the both endings, and minor braindump:

    So, I guess there are two chronologically different endings following the two different goals - in one, the boy manages to get inside and gets absorbed by the blob, disconnecting it from the mind-control devices and allowing its autonomy; and in the other he finds and disables all the orbs (control transmitters? power cells?) and eventually is able to disconnect himself from the thing controlling him... So he's clearly being controlled in the same way as the drones, but he exhibits emotion, and has some free will...

    I'm torn on whether it's the blob controlling the boy or some external entity who is trying to free the blob - I mean, it explains why the last orb was so heavily guarded - it's likely (in my mind, at least) the "last" orb was actually the first one created, imperfect, "noisy" and prone to discovery, hence the heavy shielding; the following iterations on the technology would have internal shielding and be more compact to allow their secretion around the different areas. That implies that the person trying to free the blob would be someone inside the organisation - further hinted at by the musical tie to the door for the "secret" ending. And it makes sense that the hub would be in the middle of nowhere, under the field, hidden from just about anyone, but the fact that you never see anyone except drones and "herders" outside the facility implies the bunker was built by ... who? Drones under the blob's control? Maybe... It's possible that there was more than one person helping to free the blob, which would also explain the advanced tech and the "workshop" feel in the area of the last orb - during its escape, it is helped by a couple of people - which makes me think the whole escape, from infiltration to eventual exit, was orchestrated by more than just the blob itself - that it had a few employees on its side. The fact that some scientists try to lure it back into another tank imply those helping the blob are clearly acting out for their own reasons... The worker(s) seem pretty darn terrified, so if they're hel;ping, it's because someone else convinced them to... but the scientist who helps with the "button-on-the-ceiling" door puzzle seems almost cheerful... In fact, he may be the only even remotely happy person in the entire game...

    Limbo's story was also pretty ambiguous, but its lovely circular symmetry kinda left me happy to think "things are the way they are because that's just how they are." Inside's story has so many hints as to what's going on, but nothing to distract from the ambiguity...

    So uh.. Someone paid me $104 on eBay for my mum's old phone, I bought it brand new for $70 in 2012.. Only selling it because it was 2G only & Telstra is turning their 2G off this year.

      Yay, a profit! :)

        Not wrong! Means I can now buy the Lian-Li mITX case I was eyeing off on eBay & a new battery for mum's new phone with some $$ left over for other PC bits, every thing's coming up Millhouse!

    So the weekend happened.
    Was a nice family weekend for me. Cafe and then park playdate of Saturday and then a trip out to Healsville sanctuary on the Sunday. Was nice to get out and see some animals, even if there was a bit of confusion about what certain things were. Surprisingly the dingo was a favourite and the emus also rated rather well.

      How much confusion? "It's a wallaby!" "No, I'm pretty sure that's a python..."

        Well the first time we checked out the Koala's which she was keen to see because she is all about "koala book" at the moment. We got that it was both a Bunny and a Possum in the tree.

          Ah. That makes a lot more sense. :)

          I shall be referring to koalas as "tree bunnies" from now on.


    Busy busy weekend, spent half of it not at home and the other half asleep or trawling through ancient depths of internet.

    Went out to hunt for the Squid Sisters amiibo pack, and while I was out thought I'd catch TMNT2 since it still had a few straggling sessions around. As a far of the first one, god damn that was terrible. Not sure if worse than Transformers 2 (where again I liked the first and third), but this one just... ugh :P

    Ended up at Spawn Point for a friend's birthday thingo, pretty much just sat there playing Smash all night. For all the characters that game is loaded with, I can hardly find anyone I want to use any more. Pretty much just all Mac, all the time. Managed to find an ok groove with him, shake off some of the rust, and even won a few matches somehow. Ran into CJ there, along with another guy who used to troll a forum I was on. No escape.

    Wingman invited a bunch of us around to her brother's place where she was house-sitting, for barbecue and such. I told her they need to start living in more normal places, instead of out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere like we seem to keep ending up. Crashed the night with Pillowmaker and another friend, something popcorn yada yada.

    The rest of the time, I was on a mission. I remembered Mum had an old Galaxy S3 lying around, and according to some quick research it was indeed possible to get Pokemon Go running on that. And I did manage to get that part going. The real challenge was getting it to leech of my phone's internet, so I could take it places other than within my house. There were several fronts to try this on, but I got pipped at every gate.

    Apparently Symbian can only create an ad-hoc WiFi hotspot, which Android can't connect to any more. So another method I found was using BlueVPN to connect via bluetooth and use internets that way. I did get it to work at one point, with the S3's browser using my 808's internet connection but Pokemon still came up as having no internet connectivity. Rats.

    My 808 can also be used as a USB modem, but I had no luck in getting that to get detected at all.

    Lastly I found a bunch of things saying that you could get ad-hoc wifi working with it, and a number of different custom ROMs from over the years which apparently had it working. Most of which did not have existing copies available any more, except I found one person who put up a mediafire mirror back when the servers went down at one point so it was still active. And it detected my hotspot! But it still wouldn't connect for some reason, and still couldn't get any of the other fixes to work with it :(

    Then I had another thought - what if I could get it working with an older version of Android. And looking things up, Pokemon Go could indeed be made to work with versions 4.1-4.3. I found a ROM of 4.2.2 which supposedly had ad-hoc working with it, but on trying that out it was still not detecting my hotspot. DAMMIT.

    I swear there must be a way to make this work. There *are* people who have made this work. Just as is always the case, their methods are too esoteric or just plain not listed to be able to implement yourself (xkcd Wisdom of the Ancients goes here).

      Or... or... OR... you could get a real, modern, non-hipster phone.

      Never stop being different, you're a great nemesis.

        That would be taking the easy way out. I HAVE MACGYVERING TO DO!

        Actually I wonder if I could use like a Raspberry Pi or something as some kind of an intermediary between the two...

          Go all-out. Rig up a VR backpack and incorporate Go into it.

          Aaah gotcha! Now I see what is going on. Figuring that out is definitely in the too hard basket for me.

            I've told myself the same several times now. Yet keep persisting. I have a real problem with solving puzzles :P Just cannot leave them alone if they seem like they should be solvable.

              I find it hard enough getting Pokemon Go working on the phone I already have.

    Went out searching for Pokemon with the wife. Thought it would be a sweet thing to do plus get some exercise after all this crappy weather. Her phone battery got drained in about twenty minutes...

    Absolutely beastly night of climbing. Cleared a whole panel! Granted, the 14 and 15 were stupidly easy and nowhere near what those grades should have been, even easier than the 13. BUT STILL! Then went and did another (easyish, though not as much) 14 and *nearly* another 15.

    Then got home to Mum freaking out about me not answering my phone, because she waited til I was on the road to call, and couldn't hear anything. Didn't even think that a long night at climbing was something to worry about, considering it used to happen all the time. Welp :P

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    I caught up on some more new season animu! Still have about 12 more shows to watch. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be caught up on all the new premieres. Anyway...

    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions - Summer 2016 - Part 3
    Watching the new season too late to actually be useful or informative

    Amaama to Inazuma
    Aka 'Sweetness and Lightning' though I have no idea how that title works. This might be the closest we'll ever get to an anime adaption of Yotsuba&. Really enjoyed it. Basically it's the story of a schoolteacher raising his four year old daughter as a single parent after his wife died. Not entirely sure where the plot's going to go, but I don't really care. It's very genuine and works extremely well. They actually have a girl that sounds like a child (probably because she is - ten year old child actress) which goes a big way toward making it work. Definitely watching more of this, and I hope it has enough staying power to keep me as interested.

    Just to fuck with everyone, there's a show called Days and a show called 91 Days in the same season and they're utterly different. This is a typical sports anime from the looks of it, Soccer this time. Seems like it'll follow the usual arc - talentless mook becomes really good at the sport through perseverance and determination etc. Well executed, reminds me more of something like Big Windup than anything particularly over the top. Does have a strong whiff of BL to it though, especially the OP which could seriously be interpreted as a girl watching as her crush is seduced by a bunch of pretty boys or something. But it was good, and I'm kind of tempted to watch more. Soccer's not really my thing, but neither is boxing and I'd watch more Hajime no Ippo in a heartbeat. It's all about execution and entertainment. I suspect this will fall by the wayside for me though.

    Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu
    Dumb 5-minute show about a guy that is super into reading yaoi despite not being gay. Looks like it'll eventually have a whole cast of super pretty boys that aren't gay but love BL comics. I don't think I'm the target audience. Is this how girls feel when they see some of the stupid male wish fulfillment anime?

    Remember Barakamon? Neurotic calligrapher moves to an isolated town to focus on his art and meets a precocious little girl that teaches him how to feel etc. I don't remember it much either since it was average. But this is a spinoff-slash-prequel. And the first episode was simultaneously fucking atrocious and pretty amusing. Basically, it's a school comedy. A much younger Handa is basically worshipped by everyone in the school but he's so neurotic and paranoid he thinks everyone hates him and has it out for him. The biggest issue was that the opening half of the show as well as the last bit was a bunch of fucking mooks that are apparently some kind of fan club of his doing some fourth-wall comedy shtick about not being consulted about the Handa-kun anime that was atrociously bad. When it was actually following Handa-kun's antics, it wasn't too bad. But if those fucksticks are going to be recurring characters (seems likely) then I'm out. Their part was seriously that bad.

    Fukigen no Mononokean
    Super average supernatural 'comedy'. A guy meets a yokai, in this case the spirit of a dog, which possesses him. Then he meets a guy that is apparently an exorcist of some description, and some heartful things happen and the Yokai moves on and now Our Hero has a 1 million 'en' debt that he can only work off by being the exorcist's assistant. It was super average and feels like stuff I've seen before, but not executed anywhere near as well. In a worse season I'd possibly watch this, but it's super average and doesn't really have anything that makes it stand out, so pass.

    Mob Psycho 100
    This was one of the most promising things going into the season. Adapted from a manga by the same guy that writes One Punch Man, and the similarities are obvious. In a setting where supernatural stuff and exorcists are real, Shigeo aka Mob is a bored 8th-grader (usually has that same blank Saitama face) who is also one of the strongest espers alive. He works with Reigen, an 'exorcist' who is actually a con-man that has managed to con Mob into believing he's actually super powerful. Animation is flashy, comedy is on-point. Works really well, but it's no One Punch Man. Mob basically unleashes explody rainbow stuff everywhere so it's not as exciting and action-packed as OPM, but it's doing different things. Liked it a lot, and think it'll be a regular.

    Masou Gakuen HxH
    I only watched about 2 minutes of this because it was definitely not something I was in the mood for. It's porn. No other way to put it. Possibly one of the dumbest premises ever too - girls that fight monsters in mecha-suits that have to be 'powered up' by the Generic Male Protagonist molesting them until they climax. Yes, really. This is probably the stupidest excuse for anime pornography since "power up by drinking breast milk" Qwaser (only that was so self-aware of its own ridiculousness that it was amusing). Pass.

    Alderamin on the Sky
    Alderamin's actually been hitting pretty high in the overall light novel charts the last few years (was #10 in Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi 2015 and #3 in 2016). It's looking pretty good so far. Fantasy setting. The protagonist is a brilliant tactician but uninterested in being involved in the military, but events transpire that cause him, along with the rest of his group. to be forced to be soldiers. There's some shades of Irresponsible Captain Tylor in this, though less of the ragtag crew and the protagonist is obviously brilliant and complicated, where Tylor often looked like he was a savant. I enjoyed the first two episodes of this a lot. The only issue I have is the art. It's a Madhouse adaption and it seems like they basically threw the novel's art out the window completely aside from hair colors and have redrawn it in their own style, which is to say the characters look like they're straight out of a super generic mid-00s Gonzo anime. The style does absolutely no favors to anyone, giving all the female characters chipmunk-like puffy cheeks. Amazingly it's the character designer's first go in that capacity, which makes it even weirder that it looks so utterly generic. Especially when the novels have quite nice art. But it's in the end a minor quibble, serviceable art combined with what seems like a really good plot and characters. Definitely a regular.

    Scar-red Rider Xechs
    I think this is trying to basically be an anime Tokusatsu show, like a Kamen Rider knockoff or something. You've got a bunch of pretty guys that look like rejects from a visual kei band that transform into power rangers-alikes, some kind of nebulous monster threat, and fucking dumb terminology everywhere (the invading monsters are called Nightfly O'Note which is so fucking weird I can't take it seriously at all). Animation's not too bad but the plot makes it impossible to care. Doubt I'll watch more. I went in expecting something a bit Sunrise-like along the lines of a Captain Earth or a Star Driver since it has a similar feel initially, but in the end, no thanks.

    Taboo Tattoo
    Fairly generic action anime. Main character has been trained in martial arts by his grandfather. Rescues an old guy from thugs, and the old guy 'thanks' him by giving him a weird item that puts a strange Tattoo on his hand. Turns out this is stolen technology from the US, which improves the physical abilities of its user several times. He then meets up with Izzy, a US operative sent to Japan to retrieve the Tattoos. She's a cute girl that's actually supposed to be much older than she looks? And she speaks flawless Japanese for some reason but let's roll with it. Anyway, turns out that Our Hero (by the way, his name is JUSTICE, but pronounced 'Seigi') has bonded with a Tattoo that no one else has been able to use before (naturally) so rather than take it off him, Izzy decides that he should join her. Or something. Anyway, the action animation in this is extremely good, the plot is a bit eh. I'm not sure about it entirely, but it might be an okay enough watch for an action fix, especially since there seems to be not a lot of action-heavy shows this season and there's no good long-running shounen stuff right now. So will probably watch some more. Seems like a three-epper at least.

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      Stuff I'm likely watching:

      Sweetness & Lightning:
      Definitely one of my regulars this season. I was a bit leery from the description about 'a high school teacher gets involved with his student', but it seems like they're steering clear of perviness, so I'm on board for as long as it stays wholesome. Feels... not quite as mature in the approach to the struggle as Usagi Drop, but something about fatherhood/parenting anime really gets to me. I wish there were more of that sort of thing.

      Mob Psycho 100:
      I'm skeptical about this one. I have this awful feeling they'll be reusing the same jokes from the first ep throughout the series, which won't work nearly as well as it did with One Punch. Tough act to follow, but watchable. The Mob counter makes me wonder if it'll take an interesting twist. Going to give this one a few more eps to see if it's not just luluco-style 'wackiness for the sake of wackiness' that thinks it's funnier than it is.

      Alderamin on the Sky:
      To me, this has the vibe of a mash of Valkyria Chronicles and Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. I dig the lazy general thing, and the story/setting has me buckling in. Definite regular. Especially since it looks like this is coming at the whole... the heroes are actually part of the Evil Empire thing going on. Most importantly, I'm believing the reactions. And I had genuine feels for the Republic squad in Ep2. I dunno how you can complain about character design when all those guys looked so distinct, with visible personality in their designs for what ended up being pure fodder. I rate 'visually distinct' very highly when it comes to anime character design, these days. Anyone who can actually be fucking bothered to draw differently-shaped faces/heads gets an instant free point from me, because it seems like it's the exception and not the rule.

      Taboo Tattoo:
      PAINFULLY generic, I actually found the animation style pretty awful from the first ep. Started watching the 2nd ep, but basically stopped halfway out of boredom. I might pick this back up when desperate, as it seems like one of the better ones of the season, but it's really not saying much.

      Tales of Zestiria:
      I have the slight disadvantage of not knowing what happens in the game, but if the protagonist was actually the princess I would be hyping the fuck out of this. Pacing, characterization, art were all amazing, and I was surprised at how little the show had to force the characters to be idiots in order for plot to happen. You don't really notice just how fucking prevalent that trope is until you see something that doesn't use it. This will be a regular for me. Bit disappointed at the switch to the scion of destiny boy wonder as the protagonist in Ep 1, from the strong start of Ep 0, but them's the breaks. Can't have it all.

      91 Days:
      You ever watch Gungrave, and how the starting out part was this kinda thoughtful gangster story? I'm getting a similar kind of vibe from this from the aesthetics, but it looks like it's escalating really fucking fast to the point that it might not be able to go fully deep. I'm at least grateful for the aesthetic, which I always have time for. I'm glad it exists. A regular for me.

      New Game:
      Ugh. Moetrope fanservicey crap which still has me on the hook thanks to the characters being distinct enough and me scrambling for whatever real life insights it might be able to impart. It's harmless enough, but definitely regret-laden junk food. I'll probably keep watching.

      Kuromukuro is on Netflix in its entirety, which is where I'm watching it. It's a very servicable take on the ancient mecha vs alien invasion genre, so I'm pretty happy with it.

      I'm also watching Ajin on Netflix. Man, these Netflix Originals funding guys seem to know what they're doing. Just like Kingdom, the full 3D character animation threw me at first and still does occasionally, but the storytelling/acting keeps pulling me back in. Pretty cool 'what if' thinkything, and it at the very least lampshades some of the 'characters have to do something stupid otherwise no plot' tropes, explaining away what seems like common sense as cultural differences. (Thinking specifically of interrogation techniques.)

      Food Wars S2 is a no-brainer. Definitely watching on every airing.
      I found Arslan really worthwhile, so I'm looking forward to bingeing on S2 when it's done.

      Thunderbolt Fantasy is recommended? Huh. OK. I was turned off of the Art Style on the 'box art' thumbnail. I might have to give that one a watch.

      I've also been watching a lot of what I assume is previous season stuff.
      ReLife took me by surprise. I only started watching it because I was ready to throw all my subscriptions out in a fit of rage if I had to watch one more high-school-focused anime (which is 95% of everything on Crunchyroll/Animelab), and the (curtailed) description started out by talking about a 27yr old NEET dealing with fucking up his career. So I was totally on board for that. I felt betrayed when I realized it was basically 17 Again, but they did enough believable and interesting stuff that I stayed on board and was glad I did.

      Also, the first couple eps of Re:Zero took a little for me to get on board with, but once they changed locations and really picked up steam, I was hooked.

        Where are you watching Food Wars S2? I really don't want to spill for another sub at Crunchyroll for one show after paying Animelab.

        I'm feeling like AnimeLab seem to have dropped the ball this season and there isn't a great deal there I want to watch (might start Zestiria). But, still plenty of other shows I haven't seen yet that might be worth a watch.

          Yeah, I'm subbed to both, and Crunchyrolling Food Wars. I cut off other stuff to make room for it. Animelab's definitely the weaker of the two services, but they have stuff in their library that Crunchy doesn't and vice-versa, so it's overall not bad for older stuff.

            Animelab seems to get a lot of stuff that is Funimation-exclusive here.

            If you want to watch everything in the US you need CR, Daisuki, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and even then you have to get fansubs for a few things. It's stupidly fragmented. :(

        Kuromukuro is *not* up in its entirety. Netflix are fucking scum and decided to pretend that 1 cour of a 2 cour show is a 'season' and arbitrarily split it in half at 13 episodes and put that up to shut up the people that complain they're not fucking simulcasting it except in Japan and how goddamn annoying it is that they're starting to snap up really good shows. You're going to get to the end of what Netflix has and have to wait another 2-3 months for the rest. :(

        Re:Zero is fantastic. I got behind a bit - stopped at the end of an arc - but will be getting back to it.

        By the way, Alisha in Zestiria gets shafted pretty horribly in the game. She should have been the protagonist, but gets shoved to the side a little way in and forgotten until the DLC and it's such a waste since aside from Edna and Lailah's bad puns she was the best thing the game had going for it. I'm kind of hoping the anime makes shit characters like Rose and Dezel more tolerable but not holding out a lot of hope. Really only watching to find out why Velvet from Tales of Berseria's in the opening.

          Ohhhhh ballllllllls. And I was up to like... Ep 10 in Kuromukuro, too. :P

            gg haven't subbed past 12 and apparently their translator dropped off the earth so I think I have to wait too :( Absolutely kills my interest in a good show if I have to wait and marathon it. That's how I watch mediocre anime, not good stuff. :(

            Worst thing is that Netflix licensed Little Witch Academia. That show's going to be so great and instead of giving it to us in a timely manner we'll have to wait while Japan enjoys it weekly then have Netflix shit it all out on us in one giant mass. That might be how they put up shitty US TV but it's not the established model for anime and they need to leave anime licensing the fuck alone unless they're going to adapt their binge model to it.

            Last edited 19/07/16 5:03 pm

              Seemed to work for Seven Deadly Sins, for me... unless that was also hoarded up and binge-spammed months after Japan got it. I thought the 'Netflix Originals' tag meant that they bought it and delivered it their way, like they do with Daredevil etc.

                None of the shit they put that label on for anime is actually a Netflix original.

                Seven Deadly Sins was picked up mid-season so we got halfway in and couldn't watch the rest for months because goddamn Netflix.

    Morning all

    Last song played time? Yeah it is!!

    Episode 30 - Dana - Welcome to Night Vale

    What was your last song played?

    Lodged your tax yet?

      Kokoto village theme, presumably arranged by Reo Uratani, from MH Generations.

      Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man

      Got an appointment in mid-August to have my tax return prepared by a pro. My self assessment has me owing money. It's time for somebody more knowledgeable to look at it.

      From The Pinnacle To The Pit - Ghost

      I have! And I got it back this morning too. Was a bit didsappointing how much the ATO was willing to give me since I had only *just* earned over the threshold yet they gave me less than a quarter back than what I paid which made me sad =(

        I'm getting less this year than I have every other year I've lodged.

        I think it is because there was another pay period in the last financial year

          Boo. Damn ATO!

          I'll say this though it's enough to get me components for my NAS/HTPC!

          Yes; and because, generally speaking, your payroll department withholds tax based on X amount of pays and this year there's X+1. app. I like to listen to the rain and thunder and visualize being somewhere else. Somewhere that's raining. Ergo: Somewhere better than here, where it is not raining.
      Today I was imagining being a lighthouse keeper. (A dream that technology has convincingly murdered.)

      Yeah. Lodged my tax yesterday. Ended up claiming no deductions because I don't have the receipts and I felt like being a fucking boy scout this year. So I get a little bit of a refund. Enough to pay for a few months of private health care, so yay, it... balances... out? I have enough, I guess. Enough to be comfortable, not enough to retire in my 30s. Maybe I should be working on that.

      Possum Kingdom - Toadies. And I should get around to doing that my taxes at some point. :P

      Last edited 19/07/16 5:34 pm

        Saw the second part out of context and thought you were talking about doing the song and was a bit perturbed because that song's pretty creepy.

        One of the most fun songs to play in Rock Band though.

          Love it in Rocksmith - the missing beat in the verse, the scratchy harmonics, and the simple-yet-eerie bridge riff and its rhythmic bends... so awesome to play. Kinda wish I had a whammy bar so I could play those bends in the right direction, tho. :P

    There's a Monster Hunter album that is all big band arrangements. How exciting.

      It's called Monster Hunter Swing ~Big Band Jazz Arrange~.

    Welp, it's taken... what, a month of crucible, on and off? Got my last set of hand-cannon kills last night - pointedly not using The Last Word out of principle, tho I did get a few two-shot kills with Hawkmoon - and am now on the home stretch for The Mountaintop quest. 20 more games and my Moments of Triumph will be complete.

    I think I understand why that quest is so damn long, tho - you really need to spend a fair amount of time in the crucible before you get to grips with the map layouts, which weapons to use on which maps and how to counter certain weapon combinations/class compositions. Not that I enjoy PvP now - it's still masochism incarnate - but I think I kindof understand it a bit better, at the very least.

    @jocon Just a heads up but there's a legion invasion event that comes into play just before the new xpac launches; which rewards event only xmogs and a battle pet if you were interested in cosmetics.

      Yeah, I'm planning to sub 2nd or 3rd week of August once Demon Hunters and that stuff starts to drop.

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