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    Why do you troll me so badly?

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      This one time they tried to confiscate my original birth certificate from me.


          I've been out of work for two months, and have a screwed up shoulder which has made getting general work difficult, so I decided to go in and see if they could be of help and what my options were.
          They were very nice and when we went through my files they mentioned that the parenting payment probably should switch from my wife to me as I currently had no income.

          Then they look and tell me that they have made a mistake and been overpaying us the parenting payment for the last 3.5 years by $55 per week, meaning we now owe them over $10,000!

          I asked how this could be as they have all of our wage details, our bank account info, our tax info, everything has been linked and wee update it every 6 months to be sure.

          Apparently for the parenting payment you are meant to update them with both our earnings *every fortnight*, and even though they had all our earning data, they calculated the payment each fortnight as if we were earning nothing, as they weren't getting the fortnightly updates.

          They never once contacted us to ask why we weren't reporting fortnightly, and we had no idea that we were meant to, and *they have all of our earnings data anyway*.

          Oh man, instead of getting what I thought might be a bit of help to see us through until myu surgery, we now have a whopping debt, have to supply 3.5 years worth of payslips, tax returns, and the last 3 months bank statements. It is a total nightmare.

            Jesus man. So were they overpaying you because you weren't eligible for the payment anymore, or solely because you weren't reporting? Because surely if it's the latter they can retroactively apply the earnings data to eliminate the debt, especially since it seems to be an error on their part?

              Although I've hardly dealt with them myself, it is my understanding that centrelink does not make mistakes.

      I feel you. We got an email the other day saying you muct contact us immediately. So I stay home, go into work late and at the end they say, well that is all great, if you haven't heard anything in 3 weeks give us a call back.
      Glad the urgency is on both sides of this

      I totally feel your pain. Going through the same issue with them atm myself :\ Bastards!

    Morning all!> I've been awake since 3:30. How are you?

      That ain't right!

      I woke up with ten minutes to get ready, because snooze button. No regerts.

        I was covering the early shift today. which means starting at 5am. which means waking at ungodly hours :(

          But that means you get to knock off at 2 and go to the pub?

    That there Vikings S4B Trailer from Comic-Con!

    Hoooooleeeeee shiiiiiiet.

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      I really need to watch more of that show

        It just keeps getting better mate. I rank it higher than GoT. Can't recommend it enough.

    So Friday night was multiplayer virtual console night, and we smashed through so much great stuff. It was super authentic with these:

    First I introduced a friend to castlevania. We got through 4 and rondo of blood, using the arcade stick. It was glorious. He's a convert and hasn't even found the joy of igavania.

    Next I had to introduce the guys to brawlers. Final fight 3 and streets of rage 2 covered the bases. I'd forgotten how easy it was to accidentally grab your partner in coop mid-fight!

    Then we had a good crack at most of the metal slugs. The animation quality in those games still blows me away. I'd also totally forgotten about the zombie bomb in 3, it's amazing!

    After a run through gunstar heroes we settled into some fighting games. Last blade 2, Injustice, and pokken (the only one we're any good at).

    Then the sun reared it's ugly head, bringing a close to a great night of drunkenly mashing out disorder.

    With a couple more sticks we're going to hit up the bigger games next time. Chronicles of mystara, nba jam wii, runbow, and the samurai shodown anthology. Mmmmm.

    Last edited 26/07/16 9:06 am

      Such a good selection of games there.

        We've had so many conversations where I'd reference a game i assumed was common knowledge, only to be met with blank stares.

        So I gathered it all up and decided to run a crash course in awesome gaming history. It is but part one of many, for they know not what they've missed.

        They went into all of these games blind, it was so much fun to see their reactions to things I experienced so long ago.

        Last edited 25/07/16 1:41 pm

          Yeah, I've been in that same situation, at first my brain can't deal with the fact that this other person either hasn't played or heard of X game. I even got a friend set up online with a NES emulator and we played Battletoads over netplay because he'd never seen it before, we were both surprised by how much he enjoyed it.

            Wingman is a bit on the younger side and never had anything before the 64, so I took around the SNES and a bunch of games down when she was house-sitting her brother's place and we played that on the huge old rear-projection TV he had there. It was pretty great.

            She totally loved Unirally too, as anyone should :P

              My SNES and N64 don't work anymore, very sad.
              I used to love playing Unirally, but I was never any good at it.

    Can we talk about those auto playing video ads on the mobile version lately? Surely there is a more consumer friendly way to advertise?

      They're on pc as well but I imagine they'd be quite annoying from mobile devices. Especially if you're using your mobile broadband.

        And they pause the music I am playing on my mobile while browsing kotaku!!

      As far as I'm concerned, if you're not an audio/video streaming site, and it is not on your main "player" page, you should never have autoplaying audio/video on the page - mobile site or not. But then, I'm that one guy that finds Youtube channel pages with autoplaying "Welcome to my channel!" videos obnoxious.

    TAY everyone.

    So, who voted for whom in the final Splatfest?

    EDIT: Just checked, Marie won. Not that I'm surprised, :-P

    Last edited 25/07/16 9:21 am

      I chose Callie. Boo.

        [Locks Scree in a sound proof shipping container]

        How about that, no objection so far, :-P

          *writes "I chose Callie" on container* -_-


            [Proceeds to furiously scrub the blasphemous statement off the container.]

              1. She. I am female.
              2. It's on the inside =D

                Sorry about the gender mixup. I have no way of knowing hence I used 'he' because it's basically been generalised now to mean mixed groups these days.

                Anyhow, I kind of figured it was on the inside but I thought it funner to make it look as though you outsmarted me, :-P

                Anyhow, thanks for running with the gag. Cheers.

                  Sorry for ruining it

      Team Marie reigns supreme! I knew that she was going to be the more popular team for sure but I was expecting to get trounced when it came to match victories, but in the end it was really close in Marie's favour. I didn't manage to get to Marie Queen despite it going for longer than previous Splatfests though.

    Didn't do any gaming over the weekend. Went to the gym Saturday morning, cleaned the house, had friends over who didn't leave until 4pm Sunday because my wife and I went to the gym again. Watched The Babadook which was pretty good, introduced friends to Rick & Morty, lamented that Netflix Australia still only has season 1. Itching to see season 2 because apparently some shit really goes down and I really don't want to be spoiled on what said shit is!

    My arms and shoulders are shredded after I spent all that time this weekend lifting heavy things and putting them down again, but I'm really keen to do more. Also my Fitbit logged like 27,000 steps this weekend meaning I won the Weekend Warrior challenge I was invited to. Now, to get cocky.

    Hi everyone! Dropped into Destiny Friday night to run some bounties, and spied a few times over the night at the people in my friends list playing Iron Banner. About seven people playing that night, and I must've checked them five times - not once did I see anyone on the winning side. So I opted out of Banner this week - went to play Monster Hunter instead. :P Working my way through 3-star quests, and recently switched from Guild/Longsword to Aerial/Switchaxe - had a ridiculously fun fight with an Arzuros, bouncing off his belly and whacking him in the back of the head as I sailed over him. :P

    Hi, TAY.
    Bought the new BlazBlue on Steam on Friday, got Tekken 6 on my 360, and picked up my arcade stick to 360 converters on Saturday morning.

    @distantdrop @jocon Need two to three more dps to fill the group out, can't seem to recruit a druid or rogue to save my life =,= *shakes fist*

    Atm the conqueror tokens are loot heavy while vanquisher's have only 2 people for competition.

      Does being a Druid tank help? haven't played a Guardian druid since wotlk might be some fun.

      As far as pre patch goes, almost all classes are complaining about their tanking roles, so I assume any blaring problems will be filled out with relic weapons. so hard to draw a conclusion on my Monk.

        If you make me heal a druid tank IKILYOU!

        Jokes aside I don't actually know if Guardian druids have come out of prepatch buffed enough to be a valid tanking spec. Any inkling as to what you want to tank as yet?

        On that note I think all classes have received severe debuffs with prepatch since a lot of abilities/rotations are tied to our artifact weapons and as a resto shaman I definitely feel the lack of options and the stat squish. E.g. My healing surge used to crit for 160-200k hp i.e. 50-60% of your hp, now it barely does 50-60k on crits.

        Edit: Just did some preliminary research into Guardian druids and they look very promising. If you want to go this spec I think with my Mastery and yours it should be very viable.

        Last edited 25/07/16 11:33 am

          Rumour I heard was bear tanks are looking like big heal sponges. Not many mitigation tools just self healing and stuff.

            I think a lot of tanks are heading in that direction, look at Monks, Guard completely removed, dodge brew removed, purifying brew only removing 50% of stagger and on a 20sec cd 3 charges shared with ironskin.

            Used to be the case but their new mastery increases their hp and healing received by a %. They've also been given a few new mitigation abilities that stack, from the looks of things the longer a fight drags on the more effective they become at soaking damage.

            Edit: Worth noting changes that Blizz wanted to make to all tanks with pre-patch was reduce reliance on self-healing. Even our DK tank has complained that his self-healing drastically reduced from what it was.

            Last edited 25/07/16 11:51 am

              Ironically with monks they increased thier self healing by ALOT but removed their guard shield I suppose they dont want monks to soak things they probably shouldn't be,

                Yeah Blizz no longer want "shields" as a survival mechanic; its because of this disc priests have been mutilated beyond recognition.

              Yeah transient is utterly devo about the dk nerf.
              Shall have to see. I think it'll be hard to tell what's good and what's not until well into raid 1, so much is being changed up.

          Such a awkward shift in opinion, must of read the guardian mastery and got some HPS orgasm or something.

          Problem wit my monk is that purifying brew/iron brew combo seems way to flaky and uncontrollable, almost like luck is involved, right now as it stands i hate the crap out of it, but unsure if relic weapons will fix it so its more.. higher resourced.

          Not to mention with the way stagger now works, its possible to have times where 0% mitigation besides base stats are active which is fucking scary concept for a avoidance tank.

            Have you researched your artifact weapon yet? Mine adds 2 abilities of note but that rest are all just passive increases to my healing and synergy to rotation.

              yeah I have but we also dont know how fast our access is to this tree, do we have all talents when raid ready? or to they treacle in over the expansion? these are important considerations.

                Check out the wowhead artifact weapon guide; it seems after point #13 you get points a lot lot slower than previously. I'm willing to bet we'll be able to access our first weapon ability at 110 (i.e. for me it costs 10 points total). I've already done the theory crafting to confirm which ability to work towards; which provides a 30-40% benefit over the other paths available.

                  This expansion also seems duel spec unfriendly, you noticed they removed it from the game? probably best to make the right choice first. maybe i should just go all monk and screw the consequences, I am prone to overthinking.

    Back after 2 weeks off, where I have a course that goes for 3 days, then again I'm only working for 2 weeks, then off to a course for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks off again... then off to a course for 3 days.

    I wonder if I'll actually do any work -_-

    Mum and I binge watched all of Stranger things yesterday. We liked it

      Is it scary? My wife hates scary shows.

        There's a few jump type scares but it's not really scary. It's more of a mystery

    I succumbed to temptation and bought Tokyo Mirage Sessions and its bloody good! I highly recommend it
    I love Fire Emblem but don't know who Caeda and Cain are. As my first Fire Emblem is Awakening I assume this is from an older one. Still it's not a Fire Emblem game more of a SMT game on Wii U. Mechanics are great, bosses are hard (for me) . Highly recommended.

      Caeda/Shiida and Cain are both characters from the original Fire Emblem. Most of the Mirages are from that - the only Awakening Mirages are Virion & Tarja. Tiki is technically in Awakening but her appearance is taken from the original game too.

      I'm looking forward to having some time to play it. Knee deep in Odin Sphere right now though and want to play it with the uncensor patch which means a bit of fiddling to softmod the Wii U.

        Chrom too!

          Oh right, yeah. To me the weirdest thing was them adding characters from the original game, but not having Marth in there, when he's the most iconic FE character. I think all the Mirages are pulled from the Archanea games (Shadow Dragon, Gaiden, Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening, but not Fates since it was designed before Fates released)

            Spoilers ahead the 3 bosses I have met so far are all Awakening villains.

            I looked up Marth. He is in Smash right? Don't know why he isn't in there. He is pretty iconic. I hope there is DLC. I would love some more characters.

              The classic smash FE characters were Marth, Ike and Roy. All three are main characters from their own timelines (there's several timelines in Fire Emblem) and AFAIK none are in Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

                Marth and Ike I know but can't say I've heard of Roy. Probably for the best in the western market when your Mirage Monster is named "Roy". It doesn't quite leave the same impact...

                  Roy was in Melee. The sword dude that isn't Marth. Got replaced by Ike for Brawl. I think he's in the Wii U one as DLC?

    "Huh, I wonder what's using so much bandwidth... must be the Windows VM downloading updates." *an hour later* "Huh, that VM's still using a lot of bandwidth... Hmmm... wait, that's upload traffic, not download..., and it's not the Windows VM..." *notices 55k emails and counting from my development VM* "Ah."

      Wow, Outlook's definitely upped its game since the last time this happened. Last time, Outlook crashed under the load, and I had to delete them in blocks of 100 through the webapp over the course of half a day; this time I was able to select about 25k at a time in Outlook as they loaded, and delete them. Now to wait for the server to process 65k-odd email deletions...

        Meanwhile in Redmond, Microsoft technicals race about trying to put out an inferno in their server rooms....


          Eh, pretty sure this is still locally hosted. Getting migrated to 365 on Wednesday, tho... and dreading the fact that I'll have 10x the mailbox allowance I currently have - at least now I only get about 120k emails before my account fills up and refuses to take any more, so it's ... manageable. If this happens again after that... O_o Might have to take a few minutes to limit the VM's error reporting a bit.

          Actually I think the servers for / Hotmail are somewhere like Phoenix, not in Redmond. Too expensive to have them here.

    Finished Stranger Things last night, I was bummed when I realised it was only 8 episodes since they were all awesome. Can't wait to see how the 2nd season goes!

    @distantdrop It's actually dual spec friendly if anything, you can now change specs anywhere. All gear including rings and necks come with all 3 primary stats and it's free to change specs and talents anywhere you get rested xp. Additionally inscription now creates scrolls that allow an entire raid group to respec or retalent freely for 2 minutes.

    @jocon Actually a lot of the changes have already been raid tested with forums providing more concrete info than usual resources. There might be some tweaks here or there but for the most part I think we can tell how classes will perform in raids; e.g. fire mages are now much more likely to be played in raids, enhance shammy's have been nerfed to be in line with other mdps. Once you get a good reference going by looking at all the classes you can see a lot of them have been brought in line with another on a pure number's basis. All healers for example now have a slow cheap heal and a fast expensive one with very similar numbers and base costs for all healing classes.

      Mmk. Annoying you have to forum trawl to find this stuff but I guess that's how it goes.

        Btw you'll be glad to know for the first time in a shit ton of xpacs Druid's are actually getting a pretty epic looking set of tier pieces.

          Cool, I'll have to check it out.
          I'm even playing a toon this time round that can wear armor properly (troll chick) unlike troll dudes and tuaren with their broken helms and way oversized shoulders.

            Lol yeah which is why I think almost all of my toons are predominantly Orcs/Undead/Blood Mages. I'll send you the link to the class guide doc tonight, close to finishing up the layout, just need to upload screens of Artifact/Talent trees. Also when you get a chance have another look at the guild charter doc, updated it with info for raid lockouts, feedback and how recruitment works.

            Edit: The hunt for a Druid has commenced! Let loose the dogs of war! I don't understand why guilds look at a player post in forums and just decide to copypasta; I mean seriously take a few minutes to ask some questions and actually talk to the player.

            Last edited 25/07/16 3:16 pm

              Hey yeah, sweet Druid gear! Hunter is pretty naff actually, glad to swap.
              Dat Shaman gear tho is pretty mental. The mythic, with the fire? Damn. You'd be happy with that.

                Haha yeahhh check out that shammy gear! *flex* Finally some gear I'd be happy to wear; unlike the tier 16, 17 and 18 which were all mediocre at best. The damn BRF tier pieces had me wearing mini cyclones on my shoulders =,= You're right about the hunter one looks plain as, even monks and rogues appear to be getting shafted a bit. The mage tier is basically a reskin of tier 18 as well.

    "So what are you going to get for so-and-so's birthday, Saturday?"

    "Nerf Gun."

    "You going to bring a gift for blank's housewarming?"

    "Nerf Gun."

    "Have you gotten a wedding present yet for A and B, Saturday?"

    "Yeah. One of those fancy expensive nerf guns."

    Awesome weekend, Tiglet turned 2 so it was all about her.
    Her best friends Mummy actually shares her birthday so we had afternoon tea down the cafe. Was quite late and the cafe was mostly deserted (and thankfully still desserted) so after eating the girls just ran wild. They were just running back and forward chasing each other and laughing. It was very cute.
    Was a just reward after our morning reenactment of the viking invasion of 793.

    I spent Saturday night setting up for the morning, we gave her a Kitchen set thing that I assembled for her so it was all good to go in the morning. I also setup her castle tent to hide her presents in. She loved her kitchen set so a lot of the weekend was spent doing 'more cooking'.
    Once we got through the presents and stuff Mummy cooked a special lunch which was of course pasta. But pasta with all teh good stuff, pasta, cheese, peas and tomato. About the only thing missing from it was weetbix.
    Then had dinner down at the pancake palour. Tiglet was very impressed with having 'cake' for dinner. Bit more of a play and getting ready for bed.

    Outside of birthday celebrations I watched a couple of tour stages and played a little bit. Few runs of hand of fate and some MPQ.

    I think I may be allergic to blueberries. Or maybe intolerant.

    Last edited 25/07/16 2:01 pm

      The trick is to keep eating and find out definitively!

        Well it's been the only common thing I've eaten the last 3-4 times I've felt like my guts were being clawed at from the inside, and that sensation started about 45 mins after eating them...

    Hi. Long time peeps, hows it garn?


    I'm getting worried about the XBOX game prices available for Windows 10.
    Quantum Break has been out a while now. It's gone down in stores, but on the W10 Store it's still $89.95.

    Forza Horizon 3 is coming out in September and the Australian price marked on the site is $99.95... :/

    I'm not so worried about console players because they have good old brick'n'mortars who will create a competitive price for the game; it will probably launch at $78-$89 in the first week. But us PC guys, we have no other option than that bloody digital Windows Store. And so far, Microsoft doesn't seem to care that the price has an Australian tax on it.

    Has KOTAKU reported anything on this yet?

    Does this fall into any ACCC rules; it feels like a monopoly against a sub-set of consumers.

      There's nothing inherently illegal about a Monopoly (which this isn't, by the way). It only becomes a problem when a company uses their Monopoly to gain unfair leverage on other products and markets.

      There's lots of competition. Microsoft definitely doesn't have a monopoly in the digital games market. Putting a game into their own store is in no way a monopoly thing.

      You should also bear in mind that getting Forza from the store for PC also gives you an Xbox One copy - it's one of the first of the Play Anywhere initiative (basically like cross-buy with Sony platforms, except PC and Xbox One).

      Also standard disclaimer: I work for MS (not on Xbox though). This is my own opinion etc.

      Last edited 25/07/16 7:08 pm

        You work for MS?! Why have we not been getting free Xbox Ones since you went to the states?!?!

        Last edited 26/07/16 9:20 am

          Because they cost more than just buying from a normal retailer. :( I get software and some peripherals cheaper, but not hardware.

      Weren't they also going to be on steam?

        From what I remember, a lot of the first-party franchises will be only on the W10 store on PC. Gears of War, Forza, Quantum Break, (and eventually) Halo 6... it's neat that they're on PC so gamers have access to them without buying an Xbone, but... I don't think exclusive franchises alone will be enough to keep it afloat in the face of Steam's (or, more specifically their resellers') prices.

    So a few months ago I complained about how Galak-Z was unfinished, missing 1/5th of its content. Thinking it was part of the joke I look it up and discover that they're working on it. Decided to look up how that's going and I discover that they've cancelled the ending and are instead adding in an endless run mode. Which is nice, I guess, but it's still missing the ending.

    Also took a break from competitive Overwatch but came back in for Ana. Man, people really haven't changed. People still don't know how to play the game. It's worse when someone selects Ana and only uses her as a sniper.

      She frustrates me. She doesn't heal enough for me. I chase after my team, shooting and throwing stuff at them

    Bloodborne update:

    I've got 8 insight, I've had a chat to Eileen for the first time, and I've been smashed around a lot by Father Gascoigne. But can consistently get to stage 2 of his battle.

    Sadly, not strong enough yet to wield the Kirkhammer.

      The second stage of that fight is such a @#$!#$$!#. I basically adopted a strategy of making it through the first phase unscathed and then just brute forcing my way past his second phase.

    Whew, Splatfest weekend. Spent basically the entire thing playing Splatoon, managed to get through 317 matches once the timer ended. It was such a brutal slogfest - I've never had such a hard time winning matches, everyone was in hardcore mode. First time I ever came away with a negative win-loss ratio, had 134-142 for matches vs team Callie (with 15-25 for vs Marie).

    Couldn't believe that Marie won in the end though. Go team!
    Almost wish the battle score came to 50-50, that would've been funny :P

    Played a lot of Odin Sphere over the weekend. Didn't do much else except for grappling with terrible insomnia. But Odin Sphere is a cool guy. I'm much further in the game than I ever got before. Took me until I started Mercedes' chapter to realize that the new skill system they added gives +1 attack when you level up every node, so I was investing everything into level ups on Gwendolyn and Cornelius and only leveling up the main Psypher, which was a huge mistake. Last time on PS2 I only got a little way through Mercedes' chapter before giving up because she was horrible to play. Don't know what they did to change her but she's a complete beast now. Hits like a truck and does it from range too so almost no risk. They gave her one ability that's like firing a fucking shotgun, and you can buff her reload speed to be ridiculously high too.

    Anyway, I'm currently on chapter 6 with Velvet, so just need to finish 6 & 7 and the initial part of the game's done and I can do the epilogue. I still think Muramasa's the best of Vanillaware's output, but Odin Sphere's great. Don't know if Altus retranslated it or if it's the old one, but I really started to notice after a while that the game's dialogue and everything is like watching a stage play and the presentation uses a lot of theater tricks too (eg spotlight on a character when they're having a major inner soliloquy). Love the way that the four characters' stories seem initially barely connected but they're all intertwined and each answers questions raised during the previous one. Great writing all around.

    I'm going to be trying to do all the story content unless I hit a difficulty spike so I'm thinking I may actually platinum the game. I'm completely clearing each area so basically the only thing I've got to do once I see all the plot stuff is get a character to level 65 (already have a couple at around 55 so this seems doable, might happen during the final arc anyway) and unlock and eat every dish that Maury sells, and that's the only part that seems like a pain.

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