Tell Us Dammit: Soft Or Hard Eggs?

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This question came up in the office yesterday. I forgot about it completely until this morning, when I was standing in front of the cafe downstairs ordering an egg and bacon roll.

How exactly do people like their eggs done?

I grew up with a family that looked at runny eggs and started having fits about health and worms and so forth, so soft boiled eggs were never A Thing I Got To Enjoy. But as I've gotten older, I've found there are times where the runny egg acts as a perfect sauce.

It's really nice stirred through hollandaise with eggs benedict, and I love the idea of a slightly runny egg when you're having egg in the hole. (I never called it egg in the basket.)

But if I'm having a salad? Hard egg, please. Burger? I want to be eating a burger with my hands, so hard egg thanks.

What about yourselves? What do you prefer?


    Unfertilized preferably.

      No luck with that at my place. 35 chickens and 5 roosters. Can guarantee all the chickens have been shagged before pooping out an egg. Just need to collect eggs at least every 2nd day.

      Also prefer runny eggs, except when eating cold or in scotch eggs.

    Soft Runny Eggs for sure. Great when it mixes in with the other food.

    Soft egg in basically everything except cold salads because then you get some weird textures. On a burger though? gimme that runny egg. just gotta make sure you pop it first so it doesn't squirt everywhere.

    As you say it depends on the situation and how they are being cooked.
    On toast with bacon I like them runny. Boiled eggs should be hard and definitely hard if in a burger or similar.
    My wife has an allergy/intolerance to one of the proteins in eggs that is destroyed when cooked. So when we order out she ask them to cook it until it is dead, and then cook it some more.

    Neither - mild allergic reaction.

      oh you poor bastard, and i seriously mean that

        Just nausea nothing too bad. Basically if i eat a fried or boiled egg my stomach wants to throw it straight back up. It's fine for cakes and biscuits ☺

    So hard the yolk goes bright yellow and crumbly, and a grey ring forms around the yolk.


    Soft all the way. Runny when having it with something like bacon and toast. Just set when having it with salad. When cooking omelettes I leave it a little runny in the pan and let the residual heat firm it up on the plate.

    i like a bit of both. hard boiled as a garnish to some curries and salads, bu ti definitely love a softy on some bacon on a piece of toast with baby spinach and some hollandaise. or just smooshing a softy on buttered toast and adding some salt.
    dammit Kotaku, now im craving eggs, i dont have access to any right now.

    Medium boiled with ramen or some noodle soups.

    There's only one way to have eggs and I'm going to spell it out for you.

    S-A-W-F-T .... Saaawwwft!

    Yuck. Neither. None. Foul smelling, foul tasting and in b4 the fowl puns. Yes i acknowledge their use as a binding agent in cooking tasty cake and pancake related things but eggs as a dish? Nope. As much as i love my girl, i wont go down on her whlie she's on her period, so why would i eat a chicken's period? All kinds of Nope.

    Depends entirely on how it's going to be served and how I'm going to eat it.

    I like my eggs like the Amish like their porn.

    Mmmmm a slightly runny bullseye with toast and a slice of smoked salmon. Hold the hollandaise sauce.

    Also scrambled eggs cos scrambled eggs.

    This is, without a doubt, the most important topic I've ever seen on Kotaku. The answer is within the text itself ...

    stirred through hollandaise with eggs benedict

    There is perhaps no greater pleasure than using runny egg to enhance a meal. Sloppy egg all over a steak? Yes please. Mashed up with thick slabs of bacon over the top of pizza? Absolutely. Cracked raw and tipped into my mouth while it drips down my chin and you tweak my nipples? Where do I sign up?!

    Poached and runny with real salted butter on sourdough with a double shot macchiato and I'm good to fucking GO!

    I also like raw yolk thrown in random 3 minute noodle soups!

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    Soft-yolk, unless it's in a salad or broth/soup.

    A little bit of both.

    I prefer hard boiled eggs, however if I'm frying eggs I prefer the yoke to be runny.

    Salads like potato salad need to have hard boiled eggs IMO.

    Por que no los dos?

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